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The future of ecommerce: Six trends for 2021

What are the biggest opportunities for ecommerce in 2021?

2020 has been a rollercoaster year for online retailers with unprecedented growth in online shopping leaving sellers racing to keep up with customer demand. Alongside supply chain disruption and ongoing lockdowns around the world, businesses have struggled to get ahead of this opportunity and build future growth plans. As we emerge out of peak holiday season, there are clear opportunities for ecommerce businesses to build on the momentum of this year and set new strategies in place to drive growth and market share.

Linnworks has identified six key trends that will be key to ecommerce businesses in 2021 - these are strategies and opportunities for businesses to adapt to customer expectations, opportunities created by new technologies, and an ever-expanding range of selling channels.

Download The future of ecommerce: six trends for 2021 whitepaper from Linnworks for key insights to grow your business in the effortless economy

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A guide to Brexit for ecommerce businesses

The Brexit transition period is ending soon - are you ready for the new ways of trading across European borders from 1st January 2021?

Download Linnworks guide to Brexit for ecommerce businesses to find out key changes and the steps you need to take to prepare your business and minimize disruption.

From customs to VAT and tariffs, a number of new rules will be in place, so you'll need to update your business processes to be compliant. Also find out the changes to the Amazon UK FBA operations and how this will impact Amazon marketplace sellers trading across borders from the UK.

Download the Linnworks guide for an overview of the key changes and links to the latest advice, so you can get your business Brexit-ready.

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30 Ways To Grow Your eBay Business

Get ideas for improving your listings on eBay for enhanced visibility and higher conversions. Learn how to conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis. We also provide you with best practice guidelines for improving your eBay seller status and ultimately generating more sales.

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A Complete List of Online Marketplaces

Updated in 2020, a complete list of the largest online marketplaces for sellers split by region. Find out key data such as the number of active users, product categories, fulfillment options and marketing opportunities for each marketplace. Learn the key benefits of each marketplace, as well as the costs involved to sell on them.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting Keyword Research for eBay Titles

Receive tips on how to rank higher on eBay searches. A guide on how to conduct keyword research and find the perfect keywords to increase sales.

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