Sporting Goods

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Score big with simplified inventory management

Handling seasonal demand and unpredictable order volumes doesn’t need to be complex.

Say hello to a simplified commerce operation where you can manage inventory and orders from across your sales channels in one place and put tedious tasks on autopilot. Better visibility, less stress, greater control.

Your sporting goods commerce HQ

Beat the competition and win big with a system tailor-made for selling sporting goods. Efficiently manage the seasonal demand and the unexpected spikes in order volumes, leaving you more time to focus on growth strategies.

Real-time inventory sync

Frustrated with the chaos caused by inaccurate inventory data across sales channels? Get reliable, accurate inventory updates in real-time across all your sales channels. Say goodbye to overstocks, stockouts, and unsatisfied customers for good.

Process orders faster

Are time-consuming order processing workflows holding your business back? Our platform is your fast-break towards efficiency. With streamlined operations and automated tasks, you can process orders at lightning speed.

Intelligent product variations

Having trouble managing a wide range of sporting goods, all differing in color, size, or material? Our system improves your game. Effortlessly link similar items into groups, making it easy to manage your diverse product range. With more bundled options, you’ll give your customers more choices and create more opportunities to score bigger sales results.


Learn how Source BMX broke down growth barriers by using Linnworks to manage their sporting good products

“Linnworks migrated the inventory and all the product data, inventory levels and warehouse management system. In terms of the process, it was excellent. There were no issues whatsoever with our inventory. It was 100% accurate, worked straight away and we experienced no downtime whatsoever.”