The effortless economy — a new age of retail

Convenience has emerged as a paramount factor for consumers when choosing a retailer, with 76% marking it as a top priority—a 75% increase from the previous year. Linnworks’ research delves into a survey of 1,000 shoppers, shedding light on their preferences and priorities when determining their shopping destinations.

Key takeaways:

  • Convenience is king. 76% say convenience is their key priority in selecting a retailer and nine in ten will prioritise using a retail site that offers a seamless experience.
  • Convenience means seamless experiences. 81% of shoppers are looking for a frictionless, cross-device ecommerce experience.
  • Social media and marketplaces is a key part of the journey. More than nine in ten shoppers start their product search on a marketplace and 76% have made impulse purchases via social channels due to the ease of purchase.
  • Consumers want payment options. Nearly nine in ten say seamless and flexible payment options speed up their decision-making and prompt them to spend more.
  • Delivery impacts conversion. 95% of shoppers reveal convenient delivery options are a major factor in the online retailers they use.