5 trends reshaping the future of ecommerce

Having a great product isn’t the sole key to growth. Retailers must ensure they’re present where their customers shop, offering seamless and efficient shopping experiences. This guide delves into the expectations of modern shoppers and provides insights on delivering a consistently exceptional customer experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Convenience is table stakes in ecommerce. Nearly two-thirds of respondents consider convenience and ease of purchase to be a top factor in purchasing decisions.
  • Price and transparency are paramount. Three in four shoppers are most concerned about price, likely because of high inflation and economic uncertainty.
  • Shoppers are open to new social channels. Channels like TikTok are providing new opportunities for brands, with 15% of shoppers considering it for purchases.
  • Flexible payments drive faster sales. With price being a top concern, flexible payments help nearly 75% of consumers make purchases faster and easier.
  • Multichannel selling is a must. For nearly 70% of respondents, searches began on marketplaces and social media.