How retailers need to adapt to the effortless economy

The ecommerce landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, largely influenced by consumer behaviors. Linnworks’ comprehensive survey of over a thousand retailers from the USA and UK offers a deep dive into the current state of online sellers amidst this ecommerce evolution. While the potential for growth is evident, retailers grapple with operational challenges that need addressing.

Key takeaways:

  • An omnichannel selling strategy is essential for growth – 96% of respondents said the pandemic accelerated adoption of new sales channels
  • Adapting back end operations to support channel expansion a priority – 73% reported a rise in ecommerce technology investments
  • Having a single view across their business for decision making is a major challenge – 70% had difficulty leveraging data for decision making due to information siloes
  • Retailers are leveraging external parties for expansion into new international markets – over 90% leveraged 3PLs or marketplace fulfillment programs for cross-border selling
  • Supply chain disruptions continue to have a significant impact on business planning and growth – 76% said that disruptions have impacted negatively on their company sales and revenue