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Blog Article

Here are the latest Linnworks product developments to help you achieve Total Commerce control.

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Linnworks Product Development

We recently surveyed 1,000 shoppers. The overriding takeaway from the research was that consumers want seamless, connected shopping experiences, and convenience is the main priority for most shoppers when choosing a retailer.

Once driven almost exclusively by price, today’s consumers are increasingly influenced by convenience and ease of purchase, with 76% of shoppers saying convenience is a key priority in selecting a retailer, according to ecommerce trends based on our research. Shoppers are looking to shop whenever and wherever they want, alongside being time-pushed and looking for frictionless shopping journeys. 

Therefore retailers need to offer a frictionless experience, from product discovery right through to their shipping and returns policy. Brands also need to be everywhere that your customers want to shop. At Linnworks, we call this Total Commerce - the ability to be present in the many environments where your customers are. Delivering an omnichannel experience through your selling channels and creating a frictionless experience for your customers. 

Linnworks provides you with the tools to achieve Total Commerce control. Each quarter, we publish a product recap and roadmap update, which you can download or read below. The update showcases some of the products and features we’ve developed over the last few months to help you grow, automate and be in control of your business, alongside what’s on the horizon.

Download Linnworks Product Recap

Grow your business: channel and marketplace updates.

Our app store currently hosts over 100 integrations to help you grow your business, allowing users to save time and maximize sales by syncing your operations across marketplaces automatically. Our app store has a range of apps to suit your specific business needs, connecting you to: marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, major carriers, 3PL fulfillment centers and FBA or use our open API to integrate your unique ecommerce ecosystem.

Our latest channel and marketplace developments allow you to grow your business by selling everywhere your customers are. 

Optimized integrations:

Ebay: Our ebay integration now enables car and motorcycle listings with accurate ePID tracking (US only).

New integrations:

Mirakl: Linnworks users can now manage Mirakl orders alongside other selling channels within Linnworks through Fulfillin’s 3rd party app. The free to install app allows Linnworks users to integrate with 190+ Mirakl marketplaces, or manually add additional Mirakl channels during the setup process. 

4 new apps coming this month: Users will be able to access 4 new apps via the Linnworks app store: SPS commerce, Easyship, Shipbob and Easypost. Ensure you are signed up to our newsletter to hear about the latest connectors coming to our app store. 

Automate your business: IOSS update. 

Our goal is for customers to easily connect and automate operations and reduce the number of manual actions required to manage inventory, process sales across multiple channels and fulfill orders.

IOSS numbers are now attached to every order, they are saved in order extended properties and linked to shipping within Linnworks. Currently only Amazon, Ebay and Frugo are sharing their IOSS numbers with us, we’ll be updating every marketplace and courier integration separately to support IOSS numbers soon.

💡  What is IOSS?

From the 1st of July, new EU VAT legislation requires online marketplaces to collect and declare the VAT paid on goods entering the EU valued at less than 150 EUR. In order to inform couriers that this tax has been collected by the marketplace, marketplaces will be required to attach an IOSS number to every order that meets these criteria.

Be in control: adding extra security to your account. 

Linnworks now supports Two-factor authentication.

Enhance the security of your Linnworks account by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA is not a mandatory security setting, but is highly recommended. Instructions on how to update your account settings are available here

💡 What is “Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)”?

2FA provides an additional layer of security around your account. As it requires two successive factors – ‘something you know (your password) and ‘something you have access to’ (your mobile phone, for example), it helps greatly reduce account compromises due to phishing attacks and other online frauds. Once 2FA is enabled, you need to first login to your Linnworks account with the usual credentials. You will then enter a uniquely generated verification code from your phone using the Google or Microsoft authenticator app on your smartphones to generate the second-factor code.

Users can also now login with Single sign-on (SSO) via Gmail or Microsoft.

If the user email matches the address of a Google or Microsoft account, Single sign-on (SSO) can be used to log in to the account. To log in using SSO, follow these simple steps.

Coming soon.

Linnworks Product showcase - hear about our latest roadmap developments.

Join Linnworks product showcase to recap the latest developments and updates to our product roadmap. 

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