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The future of ecommerce - six trends you need to know for 2021

Join our roundtable discussion with Linnworks, and ShipBob on December 9th as we review the year in ecommerce and look forward to the key growth opportunities in 2021.

Discover the six key trends that will be key to ecommerce businesses in 2021 - from adapting to a new set of customer expectations to opportunities created by new technologies and an ever-expanding range of selling channels. These key insights identify major trends across customer experience, logistics, and selling and channel strategies that will be key to your ecommerce strategy as you plan for the new year.

In this webinar, we'll discuss what's in store for ecommerce and how can you leverage these trends to hit the ground running in 2021.

Webinar details: 

Topic: The future of ecommerce - six trends you need to know for 2021

Speakers: Callum Campbell, CEO Linnworks, Alan Small, Head of Europe & Casey Armstrong , Chief Marketing Officer at ShipBob

Date: Wednesday December 9, 2020

Time: 4.00pm GMT / 11.00am EST

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Holiday Prep & Fulfillment with Walmart & Linnworks

The 2020 holiday season will be an unpredictable time for eCommerce businesses and sellers. Linnworks joins Walmart to discuss how Walmart and the industry are preparing for the upcoming holidays.

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Get ready for the holiday retail season with Linnworks & eBay

Peak season is coming earlier this year - and Linnworks and eBay are here to help you navigate the busiest selling season of the year.Join our webinar to hear insights from Linnworks to help with your strategic planning, and get some insider tips and insights from eBay. Find out how you can utilise promoted listings and marketing tools to optimise exposure and make the most of this selling opportunity.

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Enhancing Your Online Customer Journey

With an uncertain economic landscape ahead, doubling down on your digital strategy ensures you are future-proofing your brand. Join us for an in depth discussion with our partners DeeperThanBlue and Amazon Shipping on the easiest ways you can start investing in your customer’s online journey.Watch this webinar now to hear from a range of speakers:- DeeperThanBlue, eCommerce experts who will share tips on how to plan your digital transformation and online strategy- Amazon Shipping who will explain how investing in the right last mile experience builds customer loyalty- Linnworks on some practical tips on reducing painful admin work, keeping your business organised, and enabling future opportunities for scale and growth.

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eBay Programs: Managed Payments, Aspect Adoption & Promoted Listings

eBay is rolling out their Managed Payments program! In this webinar we covered what Linnworks’ eBay sellers should be aware of and consider for this new program as well as eBay's standing Aspect Adoption and Promoted Listings programs, why these programs are important to your business, and how it affects you.

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