How to sell on Shopify in 2024

Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world today with 26.2% of total market share.

If you have an ecommerce business, are you using Shopify’s data in the right way to meet your revenue goals? Are you setting up CRO (conversion rate optimisation) tests to increase onsite performance? What about your retention rates and average order value?

Join Kate Prior, Senior Digital Strategist at Swanky, a Shopify Plus Agency, in this insightful episode of Selling Strategies as we uncover the secrets to building an ecommerce empire through Shopify.


  • How to develop CRO programs that drive more conversions
  • Why mobile optimization is still a big opportunity for most ecomm brands
  • Key retention tactics that Shopify sellers overlook
  • Tips to increase Average Order Value using Shopify’s features

This episode is a must-listen for Shopify sellers that want to improve their website conversion rates, deliver a better customer experience and drive more revenue for their business.

Kate Prior, Swanky

Kate Prior is a Senior Digital Strategist at Swanky. Swanky is a leading full-service Shopify Plus agency, headquartered in the UK with offices in Australia and France.

With a team of 70 Shopify Plus experts to solve the most complex requirements with cutting-edge ecommerce solutions, Swanky combines creative and technical expertise with data-driven strategy and commercial acumen to drive transformative growth for their clients. They’re recognised globally as the go-to Shopify Plus agency for D2C subscription brands – with particular expertise in the food & drink, pet care, and health & wellness industries.

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