Warehouse management for growing ecommerce businesses.

Connect your ecommerce operations with warehouse management.

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Faster order fulfillment

Reduce the time it takes to fulfill customer orders with Linnworks powerful warehouse management system.

Digitize all warehouse operations

Improve inventory accuracy in the warehouse by removing human error with pickwaves, a digital picklist. Automatically generate digital picklists in Linnworks, so warehouse staff can access what needs to be picked to fulfill orders and the optimal route to pick products.

Accurate inventory management in the warehouse

Be confident that your inventory levels in the warehouse are accurate with the ability to scan barcodes. Have full visibility from the time the product hits the shelf to the time it’s shipped off to your customers, all from one platform.

Warehouse management with shipping efficiency

Seamless warehouse and shipping management come together with Linnworks. Choose from more than 85+ shipping integrations to automate the order fulfillment process.

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Streamline operations across your warehouse

Integrated warehouse management.

Linnworks advanced automated warehouse management system integrates with your ecommerce operations — from inventory and order management — in one central platform.

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A tablet device showing the Linnworks warehouse management software

No more wasted inventory with First In First Out (FIFO) sequence

The longer a product stays in your warehouse, the more likely it becomes obsolete to the customer, the packaging damages, or exceeds its sell by date. The FIFO inventory management method automatically assigns a priority value to your inventory so you make sure to fulfill orders with the oldest stock first.

Improve operational efficiency

Free up time by putting a stop to manual tasks so your team can focus on what matters. Always know where your SKUs are located and save your warehouse team time picking, putting away and moving stock.

Scale operations for growth

Make it easy to efficiently scale your operations by mapping your warehouse into different zones, groups and bin types. You have visibility into where your stock is located and you can set up specific bin rack restrictions which will save time and streamline day to day warehouse operations.

Be in control from one central platform

Automated warehouse management.

  • Make warehouse teams more efficient fulfilling orders with bin rack labels to easily identify what type of items are stored in bin racks.
  • Increase the amount of products you can store in your warehouse because you’re not restricted to one bin rack per SKU. Store similar SKUs in multiple bin racks as opposed to one bin rack per SKU.
  • Save time with the most efficient picking route. A digital picklist will display items to pick in the order of a routing sequence of bin racks.
  • Know where your stock is at all times. Record all stock movement between bin racks in your physical warehouse within Linnworks.
  • Take out the guess work of identifying how much new stock you need to order and never take up unnecessary warehouse space. Access the rate of stock that is being used to decide which stock needs to be moved from storage to the picking area to fulfill orders faster and maximize storage efficiency.
  • Supercharge team productivity with the grouping of bin racks into separate storage zones to route your pickers more efficiently when they are picking the stock for orders.
  • Remove human error by scanning or entering a bin rack during the order pick process so warehouse workers know which item they need to pick.
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