How Spreetail achieved 6X growth in Europe

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Spreetail is a full-service ecommerce acceleration partner, built to scale online sales for hard-to-ship products and more. Founded in the Midwest in 2006, Spreetail has since scaled its operations to eight states in the US, and globally to Canada, the UK and continental Europe. 

We visited Spreetail’s UK warehouse and caught up with European CEO, Mehmetcik Kalay, and Taylor Kohl, Senior Program Director, to find out why they chose Linnworks to manage their ecommerce operations — and what the impact has been on their business. 

A partner to drive out ecommerce inefficiencies 

Before implementing Linnworks in June 2022, Spreetail had ambitious plans to open their European Distribution Center in just three weeks. They needed a warehouse management solution that would support and enable this expansion — and they needed it fast. 

“Having end-to-end data visibility was a critical point for me as the CEO of Europe,” explains Kalay. He continues, “I need to see how much we sold yesterday or at what margin we are selling it at and at what price we were positioning it. And based on that and how much we are able to drive more volume in a profitable manner.” 

Thankfully, with Linnworks, Spreetail has significantly enhanced this visibility. “With Linnworks, we’re able to have 100% data visibility and transparency, so we can identify where the inefficiencies are and drive the cost out of the system through those kinds of initial inefficiencies. I think that’s one of the things that we truly enjoy. “

After choosing Linnworks to centralize, automate and optimize their ecommerce operations, Spreetail was ready to implement. 

Rapid implementation — and instant results 

Speed of implementation was key for Spreetail: “I had conversations with other companies and what I was getting was, “hey, this is going to be three months”, Kohl says. “With Linnworks, what I got was, “we think we can do this in three weeks.”” 

This rapid implementation has had wide-reaching impacts on Spreetail’s business. “In the last year, we launched new marketplaces in Germany. We’re also launched in France and the Netherlands and we have so much reach that we didn’t have a year ago.”

He continues, “And that’s been enabled by the speed of launching marketplaces with Linnworks which is very, very critical for us as we continue to grow ambitiously in Europe that’s the center point.”

Kalay backs this up, explaining, “We had a demo with Linnworks in mid-March. In one week’s time, we agreed on the implementation plan and we agreed on the contract. And in two weeks time, we implemented and we were live. In two and a half weeks, we were shipping products out of our warehouse.” 

“I think that kind of a customer-centric approach and the ability to execute at high speed is the key,” Kalay explains. 

Global expansion — and 6x growth — with Linnworks 

Spreetail has undertaken an ambitious international expansion since implementing Linnworks. “We’ve had a really phenomenal journey throughout each step that transitioned to global, which was the key piece that Linnworks helped fill for us,” Kohl describes.

“Linnworks’ suite of integrations have been critical to Spreetail’s expansion. Across Europe, within the Linnworks platform, we’re integrated with eight different marketplacesWe also have eight different carriers that we work with. And so from a breadth standpoint, Linnworks allows us to do two things. It reaches all of our end customers where they are. And as we go back and talk to brands, what they see is not only are we meeting that challenge for today, but we’re helping them grow.

Scaling is a central theme for Spreetail — and Linnworks has unlocked unprecedented growth for their business.” Kohl explains, “Last year in Europe we grew 6x, which is scale-breaking.

What Linnworks has allowed us to do is quickly adjust because so much of the architecture is built in ways that are configurable. We don’t have to worry about growing their technology base. We have to worry about accelerating their business.” 

A fruitful partnership for the future 

For Spreetail, Linnworks is more than just a software provider — we’re a partner in their growth and success. Kohl confirms this, commenting, “Every step of the way with Linnworks, we’ve had wonderful interactions with people who simply want to help. And sometimes those aren’t the answers you want to hear. But then again, that’s what great partnerships are built on. They’re built around sometimes challenging truths, and they’re built around transparency.”
Kalay echoes this: “The seamless, open problem-solving communication approach is what we truly enjoy. The Linnworks partnership.” He continues, “Linnworks has a truly customer-centric approach and a great understanding of online businesses, their requirements, and how to embed software solutions. We truly enjoy our partnership with Linnworks, and we are really looking forward to the next steps.”

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