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Linnworks Q3 Product Updates

Linnworks product release notes Q3

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July 2022 Release Notes

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Grow your orders with the Linnworks and Virtualstock integration.

  • Virtualstock is a cloud-based platform that provides a single, frictionless connection between suppliers and retailers. It gives retailers visibility across their direct to customer supply chain - including stock availability, order status and delivery status.
  • Virtualstock is integrated into the top 10 UK Retailers including John Lewis, Argos, Robert Dyas and B&Q. With the Linnworks integration, users can connect to these retailers to sync inventory and order routing alongside all other selling channels.

Inventory Management

Reorder low stock


Receive recommendations on what products need to be reordered, in what quantities and from what supplier so you can easily restock your inventory back to the minimum levels.

FBA Inventory dashboard


A new dashboard will provide visibility over stock levels and their status (such as Sellable, Unsellable, In Transit, Reserved, etc) for well-informed restocking decisions. Find out more

Purchase order export


Save time by easily exporting a .csv list of your purchase order products and send it straight to your supplier. You can also customize the export with configurable options.

  • Choose which orders to export.
  • Choose what fields are exported from any of the fields you see on screen.
  • Download the file straight to your computer.

Shipping Management

Amazon Shipping V2


We completed our integration with Amazon’s latest version of their shipping service. Enhancements include performance improvements, as well as the addition of a new 2-day service.

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