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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Unlocking commerce growth with Linnworks Mobile.

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Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

Join Linnworks Technical Success Manager Kat Davison for a deep dive into Linnworks Mobile. Understand how the advanced features can optimize your operations and set your business up for success.


  • Linnworks Mobile overview
  • Common customer scenarios
  • How to overcome challenges
  • Success stories

Unlocking commerce growth with Linnworks Mobile.

Linnworks Mobile offers a number of advantages including the ability to streamline the pick, pack and despatch processes and allow stock in and stock counts on mobile. This helps to reduce human error and inefficiency, said Kat Davison, Technical Success Manager, Linnworks

The move to mobile also enables a paperless approach which has a number of advantages, including environmental. It also allows greater control over warehouse operations. This is in part thanks to the functionality of pick waves, the digital version of a pick list within Linnworks Mobile.

This can lead to significant improvements in warehouse efficiency as a result. “The pick waves really are the star of the show here whenever it comes to mobile and are one of the biggest reasons people should be using it, because the digital pick lists streamline everything for you,” she said.

Linnworks Mobile allows retailers to go digital in the warehouse from the time the product hits the shelf to the time it’s shipping to customers, she said.

Watch the on-demand session.

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