10 best sites to sell used items online

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In the digital age, where convenience and eco-conscious shopping meld, the allure of buying and selling used items online has never been stronger. 

From vintage fashion finds to pre-loved tech gadgets, the marketplace for second-hand goods is bustling with activity and opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned bargain hunter, a sustainable shopper, or someone looking to declutter while earning some extra cash, navigating the vast sea of online platforms can be daunting. 

Fear not! We’ve compiled a treasure trove of the 10 best sites that sell used items online, ensuring you get the most out of your buying and selling experiences. Whether you’re selling rare collectibles, or are simply looking to give your belongings a second life, these sites offer something for everyone. 

Join us as we explore these digital marketplaces, where each click brings you closer to your next sale. 

The opportunities and challenges of selling used items online

Selling used items online opens a world of possibilities for individuals looking to declutter, make some extra cash, or even start a business. The benefits are clear: access to a global market, the ability to set your prices, and the convenience of selling from home. However, challenges such as competition, fees, and the need for effective marketing strategies cannot be overlooked. Successful online selling requires understanding these dynamics and leveraging the right platforms to reach potential buyers.

What are the best sites that sell used items online?

The best items to sell used items online vary drastically depending on what you’re selling. From established mainstays like eBay, to more recent — and specific — additions such as Chairish, there are a range of options available to you as a used item seller. 

Here are the 10 best sites to sell used items online: 

1. eBay

Overview of selling used items on eBay

eBay offers a dynamic marketplace for selling used items, from vintage collectibles to the latest technology. It’s a platform that combines auction-style listings with fixed-price offerings, providing flexibility for sellers to choose how they sell. eBay’s global reach extends to millions of buyers around the world, making it one of the largest online marketplaces.

Brief history and global reach of eBay

Founded in 1995, eBay quickly grew from a site dedicated to used goods and collectibles to one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. It operates in numerous countries, allowing sellers to reach buyers globally.

Why is eBay a good place to sell used items online?

eBay’s versatility in the types of items you can sell, combined with the option to list items for auction or at a fixed price, offers sellers a unique advantage. Its international reach means your listings can be seen by a vast audience, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Tips for successful selling on eBay

  • Create compelling listings with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos.
  • Research to set competitive prices, especially for auction items to attract initial bids.
  • Take advantage of eBay’s seller tools to track sales and optimize listings.

2. Amazon (Amazon Marketplace)

Overview of selling used items on Amazon

Amazon Marketplace opens the door for third-party sellers to list used items alongside new products. It’s a powerful platform that extends beyond Amazon’s role as a retailer, providing sellers access to one of the largest shopping audiences in the world.

Why is Amazon a good place to sell used items online?

With its massive audience, Amazon is perfect for selling used books, electronics, and much more. The platform’s extensive reach and sophisticated logistics support make it an attractive option for sellers.

Tips for successful selling on Amazon

  • Ensure your listings are accurate and detailed, with a focus on condition and specifics of used items.
  • Price competitively by monitoring similar listings.
  • Consider using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to leverage Amazon’s shipping and customer service.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Overview of selling used items on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace leverages the social network to enable users to buy, sell, or trade items in their local communities. It integrates seamlessly with Facebook profiles, providing a personal touch to transactions.

Why is Facebook Marketplace a good place to sell used items online?

The absence of listing fees and the platform’s focus on local transactions make Facebook Marketplace an appealing option for sellers. The ability to leverage your social network for sales adds a unique advantage.

Tips for successful selling on Facebook Marketplace

  • Use clear, appealing photos and detailed descriptions for your listings.
  • Be proactive and responsive in communications with potential buyers.
  • Utilize Facebook groups related to selling and trading to reach more interested buyers.

4. Poshmark

Overview of selling used items on Poshmark

Poshmark is a social commerce platform focusing on fashion and accessories. It allows sellers to create a virtual closet where users can browse and buy directly.

Why is Poshmark a good place for selling used items online?

With its built-in audience of fashion enthusiasts and easy-to-use shipping process, Poshmark simplifies selling stylish clothing and accessories. The platform’s social features also help in promoting listings to a wider audience.

Tips for successful selling on Poshmark

  • Style your items attractively and take high-quality photos.
  • Engage with the community by sharing other closets and participating in Posh Parties.
  • Be clear about the condition of your items and price them competitively.

5. Depop

Overview of selling used items on Depop

Depop combines the elements of a mobile marketplace with a social platform, targeting a young, fashion-forward audience. It’s particularly popular for vintage and unique fashion items.

Why is Depop a good place for selling used items online?

Depop’s niche market and social media-like interface make it an ideal platform for sellers looking to reach a younger demographic interested in unique and vintage styles.

Tips for successful selling on Depop

  • Curate your Depop shop to reflect a distinct style or theme.
  • Use engaging photos and descriptions to tell a story about your items.
  • Interact with the community by following, liking, and commenting on other users’ posts.

6. Mercari

Overview of selling used items on Mercari

Mercari is an easy-to-use app that caters to a wide range of categories, from fashion to electronics, making it a versatile option for sellers.

Why is Mercari a good place for selling used items online?

The app’s simplicity, combined with available shipping options and diverse categories, provides a straightforward selling experience to a broad audience.

Tips for successful selling on Mercari

  • Provide thorough descriptions and clear photos to highlight the condition of your items.
  • Stay competitive with pricing and consider offering free shipping to attract buyers.
  • Pack items carefully and ship promptly to maintain a good seller rating

8. Vinted

Overview of Selling Used Items on Vinted

Vinted offers a platform for users to sell, buy, or swap clothing and accessories, focusing on creating a community around fashion recycling. It provides an easy-to-use interface for listing items, making it accessible for sellers of all experience levels to connect with potential buyers who are looking for second-hand fashion.

Why is Vinted a Good Place to Sell Used Items Online?

Vinted specializes in clothing and accessories, making it an ideal marketplace for sellers looking to reach a targeted audience interested in fashion. Its community aspect fosters a supportive environment, and the platform’s structure encourages sustainability in fashion, appealing to a growing demographic of eco-conscious shoppers.

Tips for Successful Selling on Vinted

  • Quality photos and detailed descriptions are crucial. Highlight the condition, size, and any unique features of the item.
  • Stay active and responsive. Engage with potential buyers promptly and maintain a friendly demeanor.
  • Price items competitively by researching similar listings on Vinted to understand the going rate for certain types of clothing and accessories.
  • Take advantage of Vinted’s social features to promote your listings within the community.

9. Chairish

Overview of selling used items on Chairish

Chairish is a curated online marketplace for vintage furniture, art, and home decor. It caters to buyers looking for unique, high-quality pieces, offering a platform for sellers to reach enthusiasts willing to invest in premium second-hand items. The selection process ensures that listings meet a certain standard, appealing to a niche market of decorators and collectors.

Why is Chairish a good place to sell used items online?

For sellers with vintage, antique, or designer home goods, Chairish provides access to a dedicated and discerning audience. The platform’s focus on quality and uniqueness helps items stand out, and its pricing structure is designed to benefit sellers of higher-end goods. Additionally, Chairish offers tools for shipping and logistics, simplifying the process for large or fragile items.

Tips for successful selling on Chairish

  • Ensure your items meet Chairish’s criteria for quality and uniqueness. Exceptional pieces are more likely to be featured.
  • Use professional-quality photos and write detailed, compelling descriptions to attract buyers.
  • Be realistic and competitive with pricing, considering the value of similar items on the platform.
  • Take advantage of Chairish’s shipping and logistics support to offer the best delivery options to your buyers.

10. Vestiaire Collective

Overview of selling used items on Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a premier platform for selling luxury pre-owned fashion and accessories. It emphasizes authenticity and quality, offering a trusted environment for buyers and sellers of high-end goods. The platform includes a rigorous authentication process, ensuring that all items are genuine, which significantly increases buyer confidence.

Why is Vestiaire Collective a good place to sell used items online?

If you’re looking to sell designer clothing, accessories, or luxury items, Vestiaire Collective can connect you with an international audience of buyers looking for high-quality, authenticated pre-owned luxury goods. The platform’s focus on authenticity and quality control makes it a reputable place to sell, offering higher price points and a dedicated audience of luxury shoppers.

Tips for successful selling on Vestiaire Collective

  • Authenticity is key. Ensure that your items are genuine and provide any supporting documentation you have.
  • High-quality, clear photos and detailed descriptions are crucial to showcase the condition and authenticity of your items.
  • Price items competitively, considering the platform’s global audience and the desire for luxury goods at reasonable second-hand prices.
  • Be responsive to potential buyers and transparent about the condition and history of the item to increase trust and likelihood of sale.

Sell smarter on the best sites to sell used items online

As you can see, there is a wide variety of avenues to sell used items online — from the big players like eBay, to the more nuanced additions to the space like Vestiaire Collective. It’s important to choose marketplaces that map to your niche, and to build an online presence that helps you realize your reselling ambitions. 

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