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Our partners at ReplyManager have released some updates for their software that we thought might be of interest to our customers. We recommend ReplyManager to a lot of people, and are hoping to integrate with it early next year, but in the meantime it still remains a very useful solution to help sellers manage their contact with their customers on channels such as eBay and Amazon.

With ReplyManager, you can save time communicating with customers across channels in one place, just as you simplify your order and inventory workflow in Linnworks, and we think that makes them very useful for our subscribers to help maintain their reputation online, and therefore their sales.

They've added new functionality to make it easier to identify the eBay and Amazon customers you're dealing with, eBay photosharing in responses and updates to their HTML designer.

Please see the release below, and their full press release at this link

ReplyManager New Features v5.6

eBay Image Uploader, Simplified AutoResponders & More!

You may have noticed a few changes to your ReplyManager program. For the past few months, we have been in beta testing for some program updates. On Sunday, November 10, we officially rolled out the latest version (5.6) to all of our customers. Here’s a quick peek at the new features.

eBay Photo Sharing

With the recent update to eBay’s Trading API, sellers can now send and receive photographs from prospective buyers via attachments through ReplyManager.

Simplified AutoResponders

We’ve made the process of setting up rules and autoresponders even easier. Users now have more options and improved functionality to create more precise conditions with fewer keystrokes.

Email ID Hover Now eBayFriendly

This feature is now eBay friendly, displaying the first 400 characters of the buyer’s message instead of eBay header notifications.

New Email Address Hover

When viewing a list of emails, users can now hover over the email address to view the sender’s name that is embedded in the email address. This is especially useful for Amazon marketplace sellers.

HTML Editor New Look

The HTML Editor has been updated with a new look. It has all of the same features, but it’s faster and has been updated to work more efficiently with Internet Explorer 10.

Google Login

In addition to OpenID, users can now login to ReplyManager with their Google account.

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