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Following on from our recent soft launch of, we wanted to update our existing customers and clarify what these changes mean for you. You may have noticed some changes on our website, your My Account page and the way you engage with our Technical Support team.

We have covered below some of the most commonly asked questions about the changeover.

Linnworks Desktop.

To keep things simple and easy to understand for all involved, the older version of Linnworks (the downloadable client) will now be referred to as Linnworks Desktop. This will allow our Technical Support Representatives and Developers to know which system our customers are referring to when they contact us.

It’s not Goodbye to Linnworks Desktop.

We are immensely proud of the system that has taken us this far and we know that many of our customers are looking to continue using the system. We have no plans to retire Linnworks Desktop. A dedicated group of Developers and Technical Support representatives will continue to maintain and improve Linnworks Desktop until the final user has migrated onto 

Linnworks Documentation.

We have endeavored to update all our documentation in line for the release of If you require any of the Linnworks Desktop Documentation, simply click here.

We recommend bookmarking the page so you can refer back to it later.

You can use both systems at the same time.

Linnworks Desktop and use the same database. This means that any changes made in one system are reflected in the other, meaning there is nothing stopping our customers from using when out of the office and Linnworks Desktop when by their computers.

Your My Account page has moved.

You will notice that your My Account page has moved. It can now be found inside, simply Login and head to the Account section of the system where you will find all the My Account functionality you would expect.

Contacting Technical Support.

Our Technical Support are still here to help. To contact them all you need to do is login to your My Account page following the instructions above and contact them in the same way you always have.

Any questions? Let us know.

We hope we have covered all of the crucial questions you have about the transition from Linnworks Desktop to, but if you have any questions or comments on the changeover process, contact us on and we will be happy to help.

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