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Meet the Marketplace: Grow your business with OnBuy.

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In the Meet the Marketplace session, Grow your business with OnBuy, Cas Paton, Chief Executive Officer, explains how the marketplace works and what sets it apart from others. He explains the onboarding process, who is shopping on OnBuy, the importance of trust and more.


  • What sets OnBuy apart from other marketplaces
  • How OnBuy has experienced growth
  • Who is the typical OnBuy customer 
  • Best practices for new retailers 

What sets OnBuy apart from other marketplaces

CEO Cas Paton kicks off the session by explaining how the OnBuy marketplace is providing brands and retailers a platform to sell to a wider audience. OnBuy, which was recently named one of Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2022, sees 10 million monthly visitors.

The marketplace has more than 11,000 retailers and 36 million products. It’s driven towards creating sales along with a company vision to the be the best choice for every customer, everywhere. Paton says the goal is to continue to have a strong customer experience, offering convenience and being a destination so customers don’t need to shop elsewhere. 

Paton happily shared that OnBuy has an excellent rating on Trust Pilot, and he’s proud of what the company has achieved when it comes to customer satisfaction. “I think it’s really important to note that we do a really good job of maintaining good customer experience,” he says.

“We sell everything”, Paton explains, when it comes to the product categories available with OnBuy. In fact, he says there has been growth in all 17 categories, including the below increases: 

  • 65 percent in health and beauty
  • 145 percent in home, garden and pets
  • 193 percent in sports and outdoors
  • 72 percent in electronics and tech
  • 172 percent in tools and DIY
  • 252 percent in movies, video games and music

OnBuy is continuing to grow, Paton says, with drawing new customers and selling more to existing customers. There has been an 80 percent increase in sellers and an 85 percent increase in employees. Paton notes a 71 percent increase in live product listings, a 224 percent growth year over year and 132 percent increase in customers.  He also adds that a customer makes a purchase every eight seconds on OnBuy. 

In the session, Paton discusses various marketing and promotion opportunities, working with retailers as partners. He points out that OnBuy is not selling anything on the platform themselves. “That’s not what we’re setting out to do,” he says. 

He also shares his advice for the best practices for new retailers, including the importance of listing all inventory opposed to only listing the what a seller feels are the best items. He also suggests including unique produce descriptions, including summary points per product, additional images and utilizing the marketing tools available. 

Watch the session on-demand.

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