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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Analyzing the delivery promise – succeeding in peak with Amazon Shipping.

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Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

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Next day delivery is more important than ever but what is the real demand and influence of the service and how many retailers are offering it? Join Amazon Shipping’s presentation of a recent RetailX delivery study to find out more.


  • What is Amazon Shipping?
  • How fast delivery wins customers
  • How it retains customers
  • Why next day delivery is more important than ever

Succeeding in peak with Amazon Shipping.

Next day delivery is more important than ever and should be on the top of any online retailer’s priorities, according to Eszter Koves, Commercial Leader at Amazon Shipping.

She quoted figures from a RetailX UK Online Shopper Study commissioned by Amazon Shipping in December 2020. She said the survey showed four key conclusions - that fast delivery wins customers; retains them; is more important than ever to consumers and finally that consumers are willing to pay more for next day delivery.

That extra payment may come in the form of additional goods added to baskets to qualify for free next day delivery or customers paying more for the actual service.

“When we look at loyalty it’s important to consider that after such a hard-won effort to win the business in the first place, through consideration and conversion, we all understand the importance to do everything

we can to ensure the business keeps coming back,” she said. “With 96% of customers willing to return following a positive delivery experience, and 95% returning following a fast delivery, you can see how efficient fast delivery can be when encouraging loyalty.”

Yet 32% of UK retailers do not yet offer a next-day delivery service, the RetailX study found.

Amazon Shipping now offers next day delivery to everyone, with a service inspired by Amazon’s experience as a retailer and logistic provider. “Our mission is to facilitate the best possible delivery experience for retailers and shoppers,” said Koves. And that’s the same whether a seller is selling via Amazon or independently.

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