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Meet the Marketplace: Conquer the French Market with Cdiscount & Octopia.

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During the Meet the Marketplace session, Conquer the French Market with Cdiscount & Octopia, Mathieu Paulien-Iribarren, International Partnership Developer gives an introduction to this French marketplace. He also shares insight for gaining more visibility and trust with French ecommerce consumers, the importance of reviews and the process of selling with Cdiscount. 


  • What is Octopia and how it’s linked with Cdiscount
  • Best practices to be successful in the French market
  • Why negative reviews are a good thing
  • How to start selling

Octopia is a brand of Cdiscount with 14,000 merchants in 70 countries. There are more than one million products, 12 sales channels and 18 services for merchants. While Cdiscount was created in 1999, in 2011 the marketplace was launched. There are 15,000 merchants and 100 million products. Their clients come to find every kind of product, Mathieu Paulien-Iribarren, International Partnership Developer, explains. 

In fact, he adds that by selling a product on Cdiscount, a seller can reach more than 50 percent of the French online consumer. More than half (60 to 70 percent) of French consumers don’t shop on foreign websites. “They trust the French websites,” Paulien-Iribarren says. 

Top categories include high-tech (computing, mobile, television, audio, video and games), household appliances (both small and major appliances) and home (sofa, bedding and furniture). Other categories include consumer goods (including fresh foods and beauty products), sports (running and fitness) and DIY (such as gardening). 

In the session, Paulien-Iribarren explains how to factor in the French calendar when it comes to selling, including winter and summer sales, French days twice per year and other high-traffic and visibility times in ecommerce. 

When it comes to best practices in the French market and on Cdiscount, Paulien-Iribarren advises investing time in listings. This includes strong photos, thorough descriptions, tutorials when applicable and multiple photos. “Everything starts with your catalog,” he says. The goal is for customers to have all of the information on that product right there. High-quality listings also lead to more visibility on the website. 

Paulien-Iribarren also stresses the importance of gaining customer ratings – both positive and negative, pointing out that 68 percent of consumers are more willing to buy a product with positive and negative ratings. If a product has all five-star reviews, it may be harder to trust the authenticity of those reviews. “It shows that the customer experience is real,” he says. 

To begin selling, there is no commitment and no termination fees. Sellers can list an unlimited number of products and have access to professional customers with Cdiscount Pro. The commission rate depends on the category of product. 

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