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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Buy Now, Pay Later: Global insights & consumer trends to optimize your ecommerce strategy in 2022.

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Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

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Buy now, pay later is the fastest growing payment method today. In this session find out from provider Zip about how it’s growing and trends for the payment method globally.


  • The latest global insights and trends
  • How installment payment options can increase sales, AOV, conversion and revenue
  • How US trends compare to the UK
  • Case studies of Zip’s customers
  • The top 3 things customers love about Zip US
  • Category trends

Buy Now, Pay Later: Global insights & consumer trends to optimize your ecommerce strategy in 2022.

Buy now, pay later is the fastest growing ecommerce payment method today as more consumers take advantage of its benefits and use it as an alternative to credit cards.

“Today’s consumers are becoming wary of traditional credit,” said Franchesca Gayadan, VP of Enterprise Sales at Zip.

Although BNPL customers tend to be younger, she said the adoption of the payment method was increasing in other age brackets too. “The younger generation adopted it first, but we are seeing a shift into other demographics. This is not a fad.”

BNPL also saw a rapid uptake during the pandemic, with a 230% increase in the US. “Consumers became a lot more savvy and a lot more conscious about their spending,” said Gayadan. Zip currently has 10 million users and expects to double that in the next 12 months.

The misconception that BNPL is used by those who can’t manage their money is also changing, she said, citing figures that show the average customer to be in full-time employment with a healthy income. “We see BNPL as less of a payment product and more of a budgeting tool.”

And it has benefits for retailers too, prompting a 60% growth in AOV as customers use the tool to extend their purchasing power, and a 20% increase in conversion.

Customers that use BNPL are also less likely to return items. “We think the consumer feels better about the purchase,” said Gayadan. “There is not so much pressure that they’ve overspend and need to return.”

Although BNPL started in categories such as fashion and beauty, adoption is now moving into other categories too.

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