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Linn Academy 2021 On-Demand: Achieve Total Commerce through automation.

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Total Commerce
Linn Academy 2021 Virtual.

Catch up with this Linn Academy Virtual session on-demand here.

In this session, Matt Heitzer, solution engineer, North America Linnworks, explains why automation is central to Total Commerce, helping to reduce manual effort, optimize workflows and fuel growth.


  • An inside look into how the Linnworks platform helps in each scenario
  • How sellers including MC Slots, The Hut Group and RC Geeks are making use of automation
  • 3 key scenarios relating to automation

Automation can help sellers save time and reduce manual effort within their operations, allowing them to concentrate on improving the customer experience instead, explained Matt Heitzer, solution engineer, North America, Linnworks.

He explained how automation is essential for any retail business and outlined three common customer scenarios relating to automation before diving into the Linnworks platform to show how automation can help in each.

In the first scenario, he said sellers risked overselling inventory of sales channels by their need to be on multiple challenges, such as marketplaces, their own websites and social commerce channels. “You need to be selling your product but that presents a huge difficulty in managing that inventory,” he said. Instead, he illustrated how Linnworks synchronizes inventory at scale, automatically updating stock levels across channels as required and with the ability to build in buffers or safety stock if wanted.

In the second scenario, Heitzer explained the danger of not being in control of order and shipping management – such as missed SLAs from marketplaces. Instead automation rules and using business logic to route orders to different fulfilment locations or methods as appropriate helps businesses to ship more smoothly. “There’s an incredible amount of power in building this business logic in an automated way,” he explained.

In the third scenario, he talked about the need to connect technology stacks since otherwise sellers are working on siloed data in disparate systems and wasting time on “tedious spreadsheet manipulation” which he said could be distracting. “That can take an incredible amount of time that you could be focused on your customer-facing sales and marketing efforts and the customer experience.” 

“There is a huge opportunity to grow your business online and sell globally and on multiple sales channels,” he said. “But with that comes inefficiencies and potential manual processes which can make this global selling and this multichannel strategy difficult. With Linnworks you can automate this operation with programmatic rules, connect your commerce technology to control your operations and centralise your data with one integrated back-end solution. That’s what we mean by Total Commerce through automation,” he said. 

Watch the session on automation.

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