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Linnworks 101 - A guide to inventory management.


Vince Stavrowsky, Sales Engineer

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Inventory Management
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Linnworks platform showing inventory management.

Frustrated with overselling or underselling stock and not being able to track inventory across your sales channels?

Overselling is one of the most common challenges in ecommerce, yet despite the frequency in which it occurs, the implications of selling more stock than you have available can’t be ignored.

Join Vince Stavrowsky, our Sales Engineer to find out how you can optimize inventory management and streamline workflows to make sure you never miss out on valuable sales. With Linnworks you can maintain an accurate picture of stock levels across your business at every stage of the selling process.

Last month, we kicked off this webinar series with an introduction to the Linnworks platform. This month we’ll be diving into one of the core areas of Linnworks, Inventory Management. In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to efficiently manage and track inventory levels across all locations and sales channels from one centralized platform.
  • Understand how Linnworks can improve your productivity and profitability with real-time inventory data.
  • Discover how to avoid overselling or underselling.
  • Receive a Linnworks 101 demo from one of our experts.
  • Have a chance to ask us any questions.

Register for the webinar here.

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