Inventory management software built for ecommerce.

Give your business the support it needs to thrive with automated inventory management software.

Avoid over or underselling with real-time inventory tracking across all of your sales channels from one easy-to-use central platform.

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Avoid stockouts and prevent overstocking

  • Fully autonomous and fast inventory sync across multiple sales channels to ensure you always have the right product in front of the right customer.
  • Stop wasting money on stock sitting in your warehouse for too long. Understand how much inventory you need stocked and when.
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Forecast demand accurately with real-time data

  • Capture every revenue opportunity. Use your historical sales data to forecast and replenish your stock when you need to.
  • Know what products sell the best based on each sales channel. Monitor real-time consumption data across sales channels.
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Sync inventory across warehouse locations and sales channels

  • Track and manage your inventory across multiple warehouse locations with a single source of truth.
  • Get a full view of the inventory management process from any sales channel and any warehouse location from one central platform.

Multichannel inventory management

Synchronize inventory levels everywhere you sell products with 70+ marketplaces and multichannel integrations.

Improve productivity and profitability

Real-time inventory data for ecommerce.

Manage inventory levels across all locations and selling channels from one centralized location for greater efficiency as your sales grow.

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Streamline workflows

Reduce manual efforts to reconcile inventory levels as orders are processed with an automated inventory management system.

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Data driven decisions

Get a real-time view of inventory performance with data and insights from all your selling channels in one central dashboard.

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Avoid missing out on valuable sales

Core features of automated inventory management.

Avoid stockouts and overstocking, overselling and underselling with automated workflows. Easily  maintain the right inventory levels across all warehouse and fulfillment locations.

  • Know how much inventory needs to be reordered throughout the year to meet customer demand.
  • Let automation edit product listings as inventory sells out and reactivate automatically once stock is replenished.
  • Always fulfill orders coming in from any sales channel by maintaining necessary inventory levels at all warehouse locations and fulfillment centers.
  • Avoid overselling on popular products by setting a threshold for when sales channel listings need to be automatically marked as out of stock. 
  • Gain full visibility into stock levels held with your 3PL provider.

Maximize sales potential with accurate stock levels

Multichannel inventory management software.

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Track and sync real-time stock availability, reduce stock mismanagement and gain inventory tracking and control over all your selling platforms so your stock will always be in the right location where your customers are ready to buy.

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Tablet representing the platform.
Tablet representing the platform.

Efficient stock management workflows

Automated inventory management tools.

Maintain an accurate picture of stock levels at every stage of the inventory and order process.

  • Automate manual tasks associated with monitoring inventory availability
  • Manage stock ins, stock outs, warehouse transfers and fulfillment locations for better inventory management.
  • Track inventory levels for open orders and inventory that is in process of being shipped from suppliers. 

Reduce manual work

Streamline supplier purchase orders

Save time and reduce manual work with streamlined purchase orders and reordering processes. Store essential supplier information, including supplier lead time and minimum order levels to quickly reorder stock when necessary.

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More efficient supplier relationships

A single destination to manage the end-to- end purchase order process.

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Avoid stockouts

Make quick decisions on what products need reordering with easy filtering by reordering inventory automatically once inventory levels reach minimum numbers that you control and set.

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Raise purchase orders

Generate purchase orders to replenish stock to optimal levels, taking into account supplier lead times.

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The crowd has spoken. Linnworks is proud to be the Inventory Control software category leader in the top right quadrant for G2.

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How our customers drive real growth with Linnworks

Discover how Linnworks automated inventory management software helped Direct Plants deliver multichannel sales growth.

2020 was a bumper year for sales at Direct Plants with orders jumping as much as fourfold during the first lockdown. As orders accelerated, manually managing accurate inventory levels for a constantly changing list of over 10,000 SKUs across multiple selling channels resulted in overselling, delayed orders and missed sales opportunities. Using Linnworks to manage multichannel inventory and order management alongside BigCommerce as their ecommerce platform, Direct Plants quickly saw the benefits of automating multichannel workflows.

“The ability to quickly update SKUs to reflect changes in our inventory and accurately syncing inventory levels across our selling channels means I don’t have to worry about overselling or underselling. I have full control to set up new users and can give them streamlined access to focus on order management means they can focus on day-to-day operations and order fulfillment, which frees up my time to focus on the business.”
- Shaun O’Brien, Company Director at Direct Plants

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