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management software for ecommerce businesses.

Scale your business with advanced inventory management software. Avoid over- or underselling by tracking inventory across key sales channels from one central location.

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A computer and two tablet computers showing Linnworks inventory management features

Track inventory levels across every selling channel

Connect 70+ marketplaces and selling channels to synchronize inventory everywhere you sell online.

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Real-time inventory data for ecommerce

Improve productivity
and profitability.

Manage inventory levels across all locations and selling channels from one centralized location for greater efficiency as your sales grow.

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Streamline workflows

Reduce manual effort to reconcile inventory levels as orders are processed.

Data driven decisions

Central dashboards give you a real-time view of inventory performance based on data and insights from all selling channels.

A tablet computer showing the Linnworks inventory management interface
Three computer tablets showing the Linnworks inventory management tools

Optimize inventory management

Avoid missing out on
valuable sales.

Avoid stockouts, overstocking or underselling by maintaining accurate stock levels across all locations and selling channels.

  • Improve stock traceability across the supply chain
  • Optimize product listings as stock sells out on one channel and reactivate automatically as stock is replenished
  • Manage multiple warehouse locations to maintain required inventory levels to fulfill multichannel orders
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Inventory tracking and control

Maximize sales potential with accurate stock levels.

Track real-time stock availability and sync all your selling channels so you never miss a valuable sales opportunity.

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A tablet computer showing stock levels within Linnworks

Forecast demand

Use historical sales data, tracking seasonal trends, and analyzing similar products.

Prevent overselling

Monitor real-time consumption data across key selling channels.

Optimize stock levels

Avoid over or under estimating required stock levels by tracking consumption rates for top selling SKUs.

Warehouse transfers

Track status as stock is moved between locations.

A tablet computer showing the Linnworks Warehouse Transfer process

Improve efficiency with automation

Efficient stock
management workflows.

Maintain an accurate picture of stock levels across your business at every stage of the selling process.

  • Reduce manual tasks associated with monitoring stock availability and locations.
  • Improve stock traceability across the supply chain.
  • Get a granular view of warehouse locations for stock including bin and rack locations.
  • Manage stock ins, stock outs, warehouse transfers and locations.
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Automate the PO process

Manage supplier relationships within Linnworks.

Store essential supplier information including supplier lead time and minimum order levels.

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A view of the Linnworks Supplier Overview dashboard

Track POs

Manage the entire PO process in Linnworks.

Avoid stock outs

Set minimum stock levels to track when to reorder.

Raise POs

Automatically generate POs to replenish stock to required levels, taking into account supplier lead times.

"Our goal is to make it a seamless process for any company, small or large, to onboard their products to then sell in multiple verticals, channels and countries. With Linnworks in place to centrally manage multichannel inventory and order management, that scale is possible."

Ashmeet Kandhar




Rex Brown

Rex Brown

"The time processing our customer orders has saved us on average 2 hours a day, bulk listing products is simple and we are now feeding to 3 marketplaces and our website. The speed it changes our inventory is second to none so do not suffer over selling and having to disappoint our customers. An amazing company with great vision."

Mark Crowhurst


Managing Director


MC Slots

MC Slots

"Our growth is definitely faster because we have better control of our data and better control of our sales channels and pricing. We know what's going on and we have the time to think strategically about our future moves."

Richard Goss






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