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Make the most of the demand for online shopping this holiday season

The holiday retail season is coming earlier this year and Linnworks and eBay are here to help you navigate the busiest selling season of 2020. The peak selling season will be like no previous year and being prepared for the onslaught is key. Not only are people going to be shopping online more than ever before but they're also starting their Christmas shopping earlier.

Watch this webinar on-demand to hear insights from Linnworks on the top performing product categories throughout 2020 plus some key tips and learnings from peak season last year to help with your strategic planning. We’ll give you some some key operational tips to make sure you’re customers remain at the centre of your selling strategy during this peak retail period.

Also hear some insider tips and insights from eBay, and find out how brands can utilise promoted listings and marketing tools to optimise their exposure and make the most of this selling opportunity.

(First broadcast September 29, 2020)

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