Shipping and fulfillment fueled by automation.

Accelerate your shipping and fulfillment process to improve customer experience. Access a wide range of shipping integrations to manage shipping across all your sales channels from a single platform. 

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Leverage 70+ Shipping Integrations

Build your preferred shipping network with Linnworks. Manage ecommerce fulfillment and shipping from one platform with connections to major carriers and 3PL fulfillment centers.

Streamline shipping diversification 

Grow your business with easy to use shipping and fulfillment software.

Get orders out of the door faster, with less effort and fewer errors thanks to powerful automation tools.

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Automatic shipping service assignment

Reduce manual effort by automatically assigning shipping carriers to orders based on predefined criteria.

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FIFO order routing

Make sure older inventory is automatically picked for fulfilling orders for the FIFO (First-in, First-out) inventory model.

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Automatic package assignment

No more manual packing assignments. Auto assign the most efficient way to pack orders. 

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Amazon Prime orders

Easily locate and prioritize Amazon Prime orders for fulfillment through effective filtering options and identifiers. 

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Automatic order routing

Allocate orders to the correct warehouses or 3PL fulfillment centers with automation so you never miss a sale.

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Manifest generation

Automatically generate manifests to submit shipping usage to carriers and easily review how many parcels have been sent via which shipping services.

Efficient shipping workflows

All-in-one shipping and fulfillment solution for a better customer experience.

Effectively manage all essential shipping and fulfillment processes alongside order and inventory management software, without having to switch between platforms.

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Faster shipping workflows

  • Print invoices and shipping labels for all orders ready to be shipped in bulk.
  • Perform daily shipping management tasks at a click of a button.
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Shipment tracking

  • Stay up to speed and track the status of fulfillment of orders allocated to each carrier.
  • Easily track the status of order delivery.
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Shipping efficiency

  • Compare available shipping services from a range of carriers to find the cheapest service for your order.
  • Reallocate orders for fulfillment to the best locations.
  • Submit your multichannel orders to be fulfilled by FBA.
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Improve customer experience

  • Connect with multiple carriers and fulfillment partners for a diversified and resilient shipping network.
  • Automatically send a tracking URL along with dispatch notification emails to your buyers.
  • Design and print brand specific invoices.
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How our customers drive real growth with Linnworks

As well as focusing on international growth, Gym+Coffee will turn its attention to optimizing the fulfillment and returns process.

“We have plans to fine-tune our distribution strategy in 2022 to ensure we have a fast and efficient delivery option for our customers worldwide We also plan to reduce friction in the returns process as more of our customers choose to use our retail and returns hubs. Connecting Linnworks with our 3PL means we can manage orders, inventory, shipping and returns all from one platform.”
- Wesley Scourfield, Finance Operations Manager at Gym+Coffee

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