How to sell on Tiktok Shop

Wondering about the potential of TikTok Shop for your online retail business? Curious about how it can add value to your brand and help you stand out in the multichannel marketplace? Welcome to a MUST-WATCH episode of Selling Strategies!

We’re excited to have Stu Conroy, Director of Innovation and Ecommerce at Highlands, join us as our special guest as we explore why every ecommerce brand, big and small, should be taking TikTok Shop seriously.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The advantages TikTok Shop offers over other platforms like Amazon. 
  • What the best-selling products are and advice for niche sellers. 
  • How to adapt your content strategy to resonate with TikTok’s user experience. 
  • Common mistakes brands make when selling on TikTok Shop and how to avoid them. 
  • Top three pieces of advice for online retailers looking to sell on TikTok Shop.

This episode is a must-listen for online retailers considering expanding their sales channels or ecommerce strategists keen on understanding the evolving dynamics of social commerce.

Stuart Conroy, Highlands

Stuart Conroy is Director of Innovation and Ecommerce at Highlands and has over 20 years of experience scaling product brands. Highlands is an international sales, marketing and ecommerce agency specialising in live, social, ecommerce and B2B solutions across the UK, EU and US.