How to sell on Amazon in 2024

It’s my view that in order to be successful on Amazon, you need to build a brand, not just sell widgets.

Rael Cline, Chief Product Officer, Optimizon

Struggling to get your products seen on Amazon? Unsure how to plan a successful product launch? You know it’s an important sales channel, but how do you take your revenue up a notch without breaking the bank on Amazon Advertising?

Join Rael Cline, Chief Product Officer at Optimizon, for the very first episode of Selling Strategies where we dive into what really works when it comes to selling on Amazon.

What we’re unpacking:

  • How Amazon can actually complement your DTC platform sales
  • Smart ways to attract and keep customers on Amazon
  • Creative tips to make your products pop and rank higher
  • What selling on Amazon will look like in 2024 and beyond

This episode is a must-watch for online sellers looking to decode the truths behind selling on Amazon and refine their approach for better profitability and growth. No fluff, just real talk and strategies that work.

So grab your notepad, hit play, and let’s take your Amazon game to a whole new level.

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