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March 2024 Release Notes

Check out our Connect your Commerce Product Update. Read now.

‍Shipping Integrations

Amazon Shipping Delivery Note


Delight your customers by delivering the orders exactly the way they expect. You can now send delivery notes to the carrier for any non-Amazon channel orders using Amazon Shipping integration.
This is now available when you use Amazon Shipping One Day (UK OFF Amazon) or Amazon Shipping Two Day (UK OFF Amazon) services. Find out more here.

New FedEx Shipping Services


We have introduced 4 new shipping services for the FedEx shipping integration – FedEx® First, FedEx® Priority Service, FedEx® Priority and FedEx® Economy. FedEx is harmonizing its domestic service offering in Europe to align international and domestic services in key markets. With that, FedEx customers will benefit from a broader portfolio of time-definite domestic parcel services and options, for easier, smoother shipping.

February 2024 Release Notes

Check out our Connect your Commerce Product Update. Read now.

‍Inventory Management

eBay Bulk Listing Tool


Speed up your listing process for the eBay channel by creating thousands of listings at a time for one or several eBay accounts at the click of a button. Have more visibility over the status of your eBay listing templates and easily track the progress in a new dedicated screen. 

Please note, the current version of the eBay Bulk Listing tool only supports listings creation. If you need to revise listings in bulk, there are various methods and features that enable you to do that. Find out more here.

Order Management

US date format for processed orders


The date format in the processed orders screen can now be updated to MM/DD/YYYY for US customers for the following:

  • Order Date
  • Processed Date
  • Cancelled Date
  • Calendar date range

There’s also an option to export this information in the relevant date format. The date format can be updated in the order management settings.

Stock Forecasting

Stock Forecasting Dashboard


You can see an overview of your stock – including available products, incoming orders, and stock at risk based on sales forecasting – helping you make data-driven decisions at a glance. Find out more here.

Forecasting Replenishment Page


You can see a full list of products that are running out of stock and quickly take action by creating a purchase order. Find out more here.


Lightspeed POS Inventory Mapping


We’ve made improvements to the inventory mapping functionality for our Lightspeed POS integration. You can now map Lightspeed inventory by SKU or variation title, instead of the Lightspeed Item ID. Check out the documentation for more details.

Lightspeed POS Customer Address Data


Customer address information will now be populated in Linnworks from Lightspeed where available. Fields include:

  • Full name
  • Company
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Town
  • Region
  • Country
  • Postcode
  • Phone number
  • Email Address



Katana is a new integration launching in the Linnworks app store. The app will enable you to sync purchase orders from Linnworks to Katana. Once the stock is manufactured in Katana, you can book it into Linnworks following your usual workflow via Stock In, Mobile Stock In, PO delivery, etc. Find out more here.

January 2024 Release Notes

‍Order Management


When searching for orders in the new Open Orders screen, you can now update your settings so all previously selected orders will automatically be deselected. With the setting disabled, orders will stay selected when searching. Find out more here.


Lightspeed ePOS


You can now manage all of your online and in-store stock from one platform. With this integration, Linnworks can seamlessly track orders from your EPOS tills, ensuring that Lightspeed stays updated with accurate stock levels and item pricing. Find out more here.

Virtualstock settings


This update applies to Screwfix users only. When a stock level of zero is sent to the channel (Screwfix), we can now provide the channel with the expected date the new stock will arrive. This can be set on the channel configuration screen and achieved either on a SKU level or globally for all SKUs. Additional configuration and setting options include: Back order (in days), Back order extended property, Back order date format. Find out more details here.


Import data screen design improvements


Importing your data in Linnworks just got easier with the addition of a new side menu, allowing you to multi-task whilst editing your imports. We’ve also added a new search and filter feature. Find out more here.

The import functionality works the exact same, we just want to make the process for you, our customers, as easy as possible.

This update is being rolled out gradually, meaning you’ll have access shortly if you don’t already.

‍App Store

Default phone number macro


This new macro has a built-in feature that checks whether the shipping address phone number in the order details is left empty. If it is, the macro automatically populates it with the default phone number specified in the preset macro configuration, ensuring you don’t have any issues when it comes to printing shipping labels for couriers. This macro is now available to install from the app store. Please note, this macro has a monthly subscription fee. Find out more here.

Add order note macro


This new macro allows you to add custom notes to orders, for example, any special requests or specific details that your warehouse staff need to be aware of. The macro can also label these notes as external if required. This macro is now available to install from the app store. Please note, this macro has a monthly subscription fee. Find out more here.

Replace diacritics macro


If the shipping address of an order includes diacritics (the small dots and wavy marks you might see in some languages above, below, or on specific letters of the alphabet), it is quite common for some couriers to display an error message when you attempt to print a shipping label for such an order. The Replace Diacritics macro was created to automatically overcome this issue and correct the letters. This macro is now available to install from the app store. Please note, this macro has a monthly subscription fee. Find out more here.