ConnectPointz™, concentrates all of your orders from every one of your drop-ship Sales Channels in one easy to use portal. Orders from marketplaces like Amazon, EDI from brick and mortar .com sites, and your own Web stores are all processed and managed in a single hosted, SAAS, desktop.




Ecommerce Platform

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Reasons to adopt

Order-through-cash automation

Automate orders from every source through your ERP and Linnworks. Eliminate all manual processing and those associated time and errors. Custom built for each client from an existing library of rule sets

Unlimited ability to expand your trading community

EDI wholesale orders, marketplace API orders, European Tradacoms or EDIFACT and every other order source are seamlessly incorporated in bespoke automated process flows

Best pricing and highest rated customer service

Many clients discover ConnectPointz after an unfortunate and painful experience with another company. Check ratings on Capterra and compare.

Supported Features

  • Loading post-allocation orders
  • Inventory feeds to all sources
  • Retailer compliant auto-invoice generated from Linnworks shipments
  • Retailer compliant ASNs generated from Linnworks shipments
  • Split orders to warehouses based on flexible criteria
  • Link UCC-128 shipping labels to Linnworks orders
loading dock types

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