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Linnworks gives you the power to

Grow your retail business with the ecommerce automation platform that gives you more control than Cin7.

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Improve your shipping

Want the flexibility of multiple fulfillment integrations? We connect you to, James & James, Ruby Has, Redstage and global couriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS.

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Automate almost everything

Looking for more than EDI automation? Our tools are accessed via an integrated platform, so you can automate inventory management and order management processes across all channels.

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Make a seamless switch

Need a team big enough to support your growth plans? Our global customer operations team is ready to customize the Linnworks platform to your retail business needs.

Market expertise

Supporting SMB customers

Supporting fast growing mid-market and enterprise customers globally


Connections limited based on package

70+ selling channels including DTC, marketplaces and social selling platforms

Onboarding and customer success

Dedicated team

Global Customer Operations team

Scalable and highly customizable onboarding options based on client requirements

Scalable client success options for all customers


Workflow efficiencies for inventory management, order management and fulfillment through an integrated platform reliant on EDI

Workflow efficiencies for inventory management, order management and fulfillment through an integrated platform


Automated workflows for every aspect of your ecommerce business including:

  • Prioritize order management for priority channels such as Amazon Prime
  • Allocate orders for fulfillment based on predefined criteria such as expiry date, warehouse location etc
  • Automatically assign preferred shipping partner based on price, priority, weight, dimensions and selling channel

Customer support

Premium support package with 24/7 phone and chat support

24/7 support with live chat, phone and email support for out of hours coverage with growing US team

Shipping & fulfillment

Only integrates with ShipStation and four other shipping providers

Native integrations with major shipping couriers globally including FedEx, UPS, USPS

Integrations with ShipStation, Deliverr, James & James, Ruby Has and Redstage for a robust and diversified shipping and fulfillment network

How you win with Linnworks

Multichannel ecommerce tools, all in one place.

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Multichannel selling

To sell to your customers wherever they shop online, you need to list your products on multiple sales channels. Linnworks makes that process quick and effortless.

You can group products into bundles, create bulk listings, manage all your product information and optimize prices, descriptions and titles across every channel – total control within the one platform (and a lot fewer manual errors).

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Inventory management

Avoid underselling and ensure inventory availability with automated and real-time inventory management and tracking across 70+ marketplaces and sales channels.

To improve the customer experience and save you valuable time, our advanced platform lets you set minimum stock levels which trigger reordering and disable listings whenever products sell out. You can automate price updates across connected sales channels, track warehouse transfers and automate your purchase order processes.

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Order management

Get the order process wrong, and you risk your customers going elsewhere.

Linnworks stops that happening with automated workflows for every aspect of your business. This includes priority order management for key channels like Amazon Prime, order allocation for fulfillment based on predefined criteria, and automatic assignment of preferred shipping partner based on the product and sales channel.

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Shipping management

Customers increasingly want their products yesterday, and automated shipping workflows within Linnworks help you keep them happy.

With 85+ integrations with major carriers, 3PL fulfillment centers and FBA, you can choose the best services for each sales channel, based on the product being sold or the warehouse location. And by automatically generating shipping manifests and grouping orders by picking location, you avoid lots of time-consuming manual tasks.

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Ecommerce business Insights

The better your data, the better you can perform. The Linnworks platform features dashboards and reports that give you full visibility of your order and inventory data across all your sales channels.

Real-time updates on stock levels, inventory, orders, and shipping performance, plus summaries of sales volume, refunds, purchasing and stock value allow you to forecast demand more accurately. You can even generate sales reports by SKU number and compare the performance of different products. And you can access historical sales and seasonal trend data to help with demand planning.

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Be in control

How you can sell better with Linnworks.

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Grow your retail business

You now need to be available to customers on whatever channel they prefer to shop, on whatever device they have in hand, and make the entire experience frictionless. Linnworks makes that a breeze.

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Receive support at every step

Scaling your business is hard on your own. But with us, you not only get the best automation software around, but the support of our global team who spend their days helping mid-market and Enterprise businesses grow.

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Get the data that matters

To plan for growth, you need up-to- the-minute insights on what you’re doing well, and areas that need improving. With performance data across your sales channels, you can track key metrics to help you make better decisions.

"We achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

Richard Moore




Source BMX

Source BMX

“Linnworks is an essential partner as we scale our eCommerce operations to 15% of our overall business.”

Jon Kawcett


Director of Global eCommerce


Turtle Wax Europe Limited

Turtle Wax Europe Limited

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