Linnworks integrates with Buy on Google for shoppers to purchase products directly on Google

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Linnworks now integrates with Buy on Google, a checkout experience that allows shoppers to easily purchase products directly from retailers on Google, helping merchants to increase sales, reach new audiences and extend the reach of existing product lines, managed seamlessly alongside other key selling channels in Linnworks. 

Convenience is key to a positive online shopping experience.

Shoppers now expect browsing and buying to be an ‘always on’ experience. Online multichannel retail isn’t restricted to accessing physical retail stores and limited opening hours. 

Instead, consumers add to their wish lists as they browse social channels, shop across categories on marketplaces and convert with a couple of clicks, as they multitask on mobile devices. 

Reducing barriers to conversion is critical. Everywhere shoppers in the US see the Buy on Google cart icon, they can checkout without leaving for another site. Not only does this remove additional steps in the checkout process, consumers prefer to stay on a site they trust and appreciate the convenience of using payment details already stored with Google to complete their purchase. 

Growth opportunities for merchants.

To avoid missing out on valuable revenue opportunities, retailers need to reach shoppers everywhere they spend time online. Alongside marketplaces and direct-to-consumer channels, social commerce opens up new opportunities to reach new audiences online. 

As a key selling channel, Buy on Google offers retailers flexibility: 

  • Buy on Google is a commission-free sales channel, offering a budget-friendly and low-risk opportunity to expand reach. 
  • Retailers can customize the products they choose to sell on Google, whether testing as a new selling channel for struggling product lines or helping best selling items to reach new audiences. 
  • Low barriers to conversion with convenient check out using payment information stored with Google. 

Helping online sellers reach shoppers on Google.

Shoppers start their product search on Google. Now, with Buy on Google, shoppers in the US can progress through their buying journey and checkout through Google, too. 

Voice and visual search are on the rise across the board, and Buy on Google is available on the Shopping Property and even the Google Assistant — so no matter how a shopper begins their shopping journey, Buy on Google offers a seamless path to checkout.