Linnworks Announce Brand New eBay Growth Programme

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At our recent Linn Academy event, we announced an exciting new partnership between ourselves and eBay. Specifically, this new found super-team will be working together with the aim of growing the businesses of Linnworks sellers on the eBay marketplace, by providing them with access to tools and highly valuable information.

This project is ultimately designed to help Linnworks users increase their sales on eBay and improve their seller status. 

Linnworks Implementation Manager and eBay Growth Project lead Mark Aldous commented “We are delighted to be working with eBay in order to help our sellers. The Trending emails and Stats Application are just two examples of some of the great tools and information we have available to our sellers, helping them to grow their eBay business.”

What’s Trending on eBay?

In the past couple of weeks, we have already released our first round of trending emails, helping sellers understand what is expected to start selling in the next month or so. This information has been compiled by eBay, using market data from the last 4-5 years, and will allow them to accurately predict market trends and pivot their business accordingly. 

We also released some heat maps, which show valuable information on which leaf-categories will peak in popularity and which will decline in the coming months. This data is particularly important in the lead up to Christmas, where sales are expected to be at an all-time high.

Optimizing eBay Listings.

Through eBay’s own research, they have found that one key activity you should do to increase sales is to simply ensure that all of your listings are fully optimized.

To help you with these, we have teamed up with our partner at Two Legs Bad, the developer of the eBay Stats Application, and will be funding additional examinations at no extra cost for a limited time; initially up until the end of 2016 when it will be reviewed.

Specifically, this application will analyse your listings and provide actionable tips on improving them to increase sales. To find out more about the eBay Stats Application and how to install it, click here. 

Watch Our Free Listings Webinar.

We recently hosted a webinar showcasing the eBay Stats application App and going into further detail in the ways it can improve your listings. Click the play button below to see the video yourself.