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Linn Academy 2020 On-Demand: A look under the hood of a hyper-growth fulfillment company pre-peak

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Matthew Carpentieri, director of partner development at Ruby Has, helps to present a video tour of changes made by Ruby Has in reaction to the challenges of 2020 to help it manage peak for its clients.

In this session, hear:

  • Why the balance of labour and automation is vital
  • Why the $5 million investment from Ruby Has is in response to recent events
  • How the company is doing all it can to maximise efficiency for its customers

A new $5 million investment in automation is evidence of how Ruby Has Fulfilment is doing all it can to minimise disruption to its clients and maximise their opportunities for peak.

Speaking at Linn Academy 2020, Matthew Carpentieri, director of partner development at Ruby Has, presented a video tour hosted by the company’s vice president Steve Martin.

The video saw Martin give delegates an insight into the company’s existing Las Vegas warehouse, as well as its new facility which will be fully operational by Thanksgiving.

Important to get the balance between labor and automation right

Martin said Ruby Has chose to invest in automation within the second Las Vegas warehouse, both to speed up processes, as well as reduce dependency on labour. The new 370,000 sq ft Las Vegas warehouse becomes the sixth in the company’s portfolio and includes more than $5 million investment in automation, including conveyor systems, new racking and robotics.

Martin said it was “extremely important” to get the balance between automation and labor both to protect staff with adequate social distancing measures, as well as to cope with the labor shortages encountered earlier this year. “We feel confident that with the investment we’ve made over the last year we will be able to meet our client’s needs, keep our employees safe and be able to build a platform for growth.”

Watch the on-demand session now

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