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eBay To Launch Seller Hub In The UK.

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At their recent eBay Connect event, eBay announced that they would be introducing the new Seller Hub in the UK this autumn, in a bid to simplify and streamline the selling experience for UK sellers.


What is eBay Seller Hub?

The eBay Seller Hub is currently only available to those listing on, and has been built from the ground up, bringing all of the tools used by sellers together, such as Selling Manager, eBay Messages, Resolution Centre, Monitoring, Seller Reports, Returns, Shipping and Tracking, and making them accessible from a single dashboard. Specifically, the Seller Hub combines these tools and provides the insight on how your business is performing, at any given time.

Some of the key benefits of using the new Seller Hub, as described by eBay, include the fact that their listing tool has been streamlined and optimised for mobile, you can also now access even more detailed sales data, helping you to learn how customers are finding your products and identify your top performers, and you can also increase your reach with powerful and intuitive marketing and promotion tools.

How the eBay Seller Hub Compares to Other Tools.

The table below shows an interesting comparison of eBay Seller Hub, against some of eBay’s existing tools.


In addition to being able to configure the homepage to display only the information that matters to you, the eBay Seller Hub will further provide new functionality such as access to two years history, rather than the existing 90 days, as well as the ability to bulk process actions for multiple transactions, if required.

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to use the Seller Hub, and even once you have opted in, you can switch back to the existing tools at any point. It’s also worth remembering that while you can access Seller Hub on your mobile’s web browser, it isn’t available from the app.

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