How To: Make the most of your invoices

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To some people invoices are just a statement of goods received or services provided, nothing more than a fancy business receipt.

Well, they are mistaken when they think invoices are so limited.

Invoices are a powerful medium for you to communicate with your customers, to market your brand and to promote your unique services.

Linnworks has a creative feature called template designer; it allows you to create and customise invoices, picking lists, purchase orders and much more.

I will share a few great ideas on using the template designer to enhance your invoices to their full capability.


1) Branding your invoices.

So you have had a sale from one of your market places.

Yes you get a lot of traffic, and lots of people see your products, but the fees can really cut in to your profit margins.

How about this:

  • Include your logo
  • a QR code – linking to your online store
  • Social media links
  • Website URL
  • Promotions & Deals

All these can bring customers directly to you and allow you to create a loyal customer base on your own platform.

The suggestions above can be inserted as images or text using the template designer and the documentation can be found here.


2) Different Invoices for Different Accounts.

Whether you sell online on different sites, international market places or have multiple accounts on the same marketplace; the template designer allows you to create and assign bespoke invoices to different accounts.

Using the function called printing conditions, this allows you to set certain rules such as printing an invoice for Amazon in general or one specific eBay account.

This allows you to tailor your customer’s experience based on the point they bought from you, and means that you can feature specific promotions for targeted segments of your market.

If you want to learn more about this feature, check the link out here.


3) Invoices with shipping labels.

I’m sure most of you that have ordered online recently would have come across an invoice with an empty area where once the label would’ve been. By adding the shipping label to the invoice, it reduces the possibility of a mismatch, and takes another printer out of your packing area – Reduced costs for hardware and consumables!!