9 best ChannelAdvisor alternatives for multichannel sellers

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Multichannel selling has never been more critical than in the 2024 ecommerce landscape. 

ChannelAdvisor has been a prominent name in this domain, but with the rise of online retailers and the need for more specialized online marketing solutions, today’s sellers crave options tailored to their distinct needs.

Whether you’re pondering a shift from ChannelAdvisor support or simply exploring ChannelAdvisor alternatives to amplify your selling game, especially for your online stores, you’ve landed in the right place.

Take a dive into our curated list of the 10 best ChannelAdvisor alternatives for multichannel sellers this year:

1. Linnworks

Linnworks home page

In the ever-changing world of ecommerce platforms, there are those that come and go with fleeting impact. Yet, some manage to stand out, consistently delivering value and reliability, especially for retail companies.

Introducing Linnworks.

Earning its spot on our list not just out of favoritism but for its genuine merit in the ecommerce single platform and multichannel selling world. Beyond its user-friendly design, Linnworks is specifically crafted for sellers looking to seamlessly unify and manage their multichannel operations, particularly for their online store.

Establishing itself as a comprehensive commerce software tool, Linnworks provides a robust foundation for those aiming to not just sell products but to excel in the multifaceted realm of multichannel sales and attract more customers.

Most notable features

  • 100+ integrations: seamlessly connect all your sales channels via a single ecommerce platform ensuring unified operations and ease of management regardless of where you’re selling
  • Advanced listing capabilities: simplify and optimize product listings across different platforms for increased uniformity 
  • Inventory management: stay on top of your stock levels, ensuring you always meet demand without overstocking
  • Order processing automation: speed up and streamline your order processing, catering to customers from any channel with efficiency
  • Shipping and courier integrations: effortlessly integrate with numerous shipping partners, providing flexibility and reliability when it comes to order fulfillment
  • Detailed multichannel reporting and analytics: gain deep insights into your operations, making data-driven decisions that boost profitability and efficiency


Linnworks is perhaps the best value for companies, offering a free demo alongside a self-guided product tour.

What do people say?

Reliable inventory management middleware for small multi-channel retailers. Easy integration of channels and couriers. 

Support documentation is generally good enough for the non-IT staff to set up and manage integrations with technical expertise.

Jae R., Director, Small-Business.

2. Sellercloud

Sellercloud home page

Sellercloud, standing out as one of the noteworthy ChannelAdvisor alternatives, offers an all-encompassing suite that synchronizes multichannel selling, bridging the gaps often found in scattered retailers and online retailer ecosystems.

Tailored for companies intent on spreading their reach, its integrated suite caters to multichannel operations, bridging gaps and bringing efficiency to complex retail landscapes. Their platform enables sellers to bring cohesion and efficiency into their operations.

Most notable features

  • Unified catalog: centralize product listings and details, ensuring consistent information across all channels
  • Dynamic inventory: smart tools adjust stock levels in real-time across platforms, minimizing overstocks and stockouts
  • Order management: synchronize order processing, from receiving to shipping, across all sales avenues.
  • Returns management: simplify the returns process, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customizable reporting: dive into performance metrics, shaping strategies based on data-driven insights


Customers only pay per order volume, with plans starting at $999.99 per month. 

The company also offers a complimentary consultation and free demo for aspiring customers – you’ll need to reach out to Sellercloud directly for an individual price quote. 

What do people say?

“Sellercloud is rich in features and provides a huge range of channel connectivity options. They have a great wiki (recently revamped), video training, and responsive support. With so many options, most scenarios can be implemented.

The user interface has a long learning curve and is not intuitive at all. Navigating the menus and options takes patience and regular questions to support, which fortunately is very good.”

Warren M., CEO, Small-Business.

How does Linnworks compare?

With the rise of search engine optimization and other digital tools, Sellercloud offers an encompassing set of tools, similar to a digital Swiss Army knife for sellers.

However, on the other hand, Linnworks focuses on seamless and cohesive multichannel management, offering free demo sessions to interested users and showcasing their starting price for potential users. It brings all the essentials under one umbrella with ease for ecommerce retailers.

3. ChannelEngine

ChannelEngine home page

ChannelEngine is a pioneer in global marketplace integrations. 

By offering a bridge between ecommerce platforms and international marketplaces, retailers can expand their reach and tap into diverse markets seamlessly through this unique ecommerce platform.

Most notable features

  • Marketplace integrations: connect effortlessly with top global online marketplaces, broadening sales reach
  • Product feed management: customize and optimize product feeds for each marketplace, enhancing visibility
  • Order and returns sync: manage orders and returns centrally, no matter where the sale occurred
  • Pricing automation: adjust prices based on competition or predefined rules, maximizing profitability
  • Performance analytics: track sales performance across channels, using insights to refine strategies


ChannelEngine offers three different packages, Starter, Growth, and Scale. Each package is based on varying levels of marketplace sales on a monthly basis, but you’ll need to reach out to the company directly to get a price quote.

What do people say?

“ChannelEngine is really great as a marketplace integrator. It offers a lot of options and integrations with different European marketplaces and works great with our API solutions. 

I have to commend their customer support and support team as well, they do an incredible job of offering us assistance.”

Verified User in Retail, Small-Business.

How does Linnworks compare?

While ChannelEngine masters the art of marketplace integrations, ChannelAdvisor focuses on holistic channel management.

If ChannelEngine is about broadening horizons for multichannel brands, Linnworks is about connecting those horizons seamlessly for multichannel brands.

4. Tradebyte

Tradebyte home page

Tradebyte, an integration specialist, is known for its emphasis on simplifying complex ecommerce processes. 

Offering solutions for both brands and retailers, Tradebyte is a versatile tool that adapts to varying needs through its powerful platform.

But how does it fair when it comes to multichannel selling?

Most notable features

  • Platform integration: seamlessly connect with top European marketplaces and sales platforms
  • Data centralization: keep product information consistent and updated across channels, building brand trust
  • Automated order transfer: shift orders effortlessly between channels, ensuring timely processing
  • Dynamic pricing: set intelligent pricing strategies that adapt to market conditions as and when they change 
  • Efficient returns management: handle returns from all channels in one unified system, reducing complexity and increasing customer satisfaction


Tradebyte hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to them directly for the latest price details.”

What do people say?

We were unable to find any reviews for Tradebyte, however, we’ll be sure to update this post once reviews become available.

How does Linnworks compare?

While Tradebyte specializes in flexible integrations and process streamlining for retailers with a prominent website presence, Linnworks offers a holistic view of multichannel operations.

Think of Tradebyte as the integration expert, and Linnworks as the orchestrator harmonizing different sales channels for brands with a significant website footprint.

5. Channable

Channable home page

Channable is renowned for its powerful feed management and PPC (Pay-per-click) automation, effectively handling product data.

Specializing in feed management, Channable aids retailers in optimizing their product listings and advertisements across diverse platforms to bolster visibility and conversions.

Most notable features

  • Feed optimization: tailor product feeds to each specific channel’s requirements, ensuring optimized listings and increasing potential conversions
  • Dynamic ads: generate ads from real-time inventory data, maintaining accurate and timely promotions targeted to your demographic 
  • Order synchronization: unify orders from multiple channels into a single dashboard, simplifying management and dispatch
  • API integrations: connect seamlessly to a variety of platforms, making data exchange and analytics effortless
  • Analytics tools: gather insights on product performance across channels, refining strategies for better ROI


Channable offers a staggering 10 pricing packages, targeting everyone from small companies to XL enterprises:

  • Small (starting at $49 PCM)
  • Medium (starting at $69 PCM)
  • Large (starting at $139 PCM)
  • XL (starting at $199 PCM)
  • XXL (starting at $369 PCM)
  • Small enterprise (starting at $649 PCM)
  • Medium enterprise (starting at $949 PCM)
  • Large enterprise (starting at $1599 PCM)
  • XL enterprise (starting at $2599 PCM)
  • XXL enterprise (starting at $3499 PCM)

What do people say?

“Channable offers a feed management tool that does everything you need. Lots of possibilities to combine and merge data with a product feed from your webshop. The IFTT rules work fantastic, Channable offers the tools you need to get really creative. 

I like to use them to build complicated calculations, so it’s almost like you create your own algorithm.”

Verified User in Retail, Small-Business.

How does Linnworks compare?

While Channable excels in feed optimization and dynamic advertising, Linnworks, similar to channeladvisor, provides a comprehensive suite tailored for multichannel retail management.

Yes, Channable offers specialized tools for listing and promoting products, but Linnworks, much like channeladvisor, focuses on overall inventory, order, and channel synchronization.

6. BaseLinker

BaseLinker home page

BaseLinker stands out as a solution tailored for the business owner that’s keen on streamlining their online operations.

With its emphasis on connecting multiple sales platforms, it’s positioned as a cornerstone for retail businesses with diverse selling channels.

Most notable features

  • Unified order inbox: collect orders from all sales channels in one place, enhancing processing efficiency and increasing order fulfillment speed
  • Automatic order actions: automate repetitive tasks like sending emails or generating invoices so you can focus on other critical business tasks
  • Storage integrations: connect directly to popular warehousing solutions, streamlining stock management
  • Courier integrations: effortlessly sync with numerous shipping providers, easing dispatch complexities
  • Returns management: automate return procedures, simplifying the process for both sellers and buyers


BaseLinker offers potential users a 14-day free trial (with no credit card information needed), and customers only pay for the number of orders, offers or products made/sold in a given month.

Here are the four pricing packages offered:

  • Small (starting price $9) – includes 0-100 orders or 0-1000 products/ active offers
  • Normal (starting price $29) – includes 101-500 orders or 1001-5000 products/ active offers
  • Big (starting price $59) –  includes 501-1000 orders or 5001-10000 products/ active offers
  • Max (starting price $119) – includes 1001-10000 orders or 10001- 100000 products/ active offers
  • Enterprise (individual offer available upon request 

What do people say?

“I have been looking for a lightweight solution to manage my online sales for quite some time. They were either clunky, did not have the functionalities I wanted, or expensive. I gave Baselinker a go, and I must say so far it has been working really well. 

For me, Reverb integration was a must, and these guys had it, which was quite unique. They helped me set it all up, were very reactive to support tickets, etc. Also, love the automation module!”

Lance Standley.

How does Linnworks compare?

BaseLinker emphasizes simplifying the multichannel selling experience, especially order collection and automation. 

Linnworks, on the other hand, presents a more holistic view of multichannel management, offering deeper inventory control and a broader set of integrations.

7. Feedonomics

Feedonomics home page

Feedonomics merges advanced technology with data feed optimization and marketing.

Catering primarily to brands and agencies, its solutions pivot around maximizing product visibility and boosting sales across numerous online channels.

Most notable features

  • Feed manipulation: gain granular control over how products are listed across different channels
  • Advanced mapping: ensure product data aligns with the unique requirements of each sales platform
  • Automated scheduling: set precise times for feed updates, aligning with peak performance windows
  • Channel templates: utilize pre-built templates tailored for different sales platforms, ensuring consistency across the board
  • Performance analytics: delve deep into product performance metrics, refining marketing strategies based on data


Feedonomics hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to Feedonomics for the latest price details.

What do people say?

“Feedonomics is highly customizable for your needs and works with you to create solutions to make feed building, supporting promotions, and troubleshooting errors as easy as possible. 

We use it to automatically replicate our promotions across feeds without significant time-wasting uploads.”

Claire O., Mid-Market. 

How does Linnworks compare?

Feedonomics leans heavily into the realm of product feed optimization and marketing listing.

In contrast, Linnworks offers an encompassing solution, tackling inventory management, order processing, and channel synchronization, extending beyond just feed optimization to support multichannel selling.

8. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail home page

Lightspeed Retail, a key player in the retail and restaurant POS sector, has evolved to cater to multichannel sellers and marketing departments.

With an emphasis on unifying physical and digital sales, it provides the much-needed connection between brick-and-mortar stores and online commerce.

Most notable features

  • Unified inventory: manage stock levels for both online and in-store channels, ensuring consistency and reducing oversells
  • POS integration: seamlessly integrate your point-of-sale system, creating a fluid omnichannel experience
  • Customizable checkout: personalize the online checkout process, enhancing the customer experience and increasing conversions
  • Detailed analytics: gain insights into sales, inventory, and customer data, to help guide informed business decisions
  • Multi-store capabilities: manage multiple store locations and channels from one centralized platform


Lightspeed provides four different pricing options for customers, and also offers a free trial for interested users:

  1. Lean (starting price $69) – for all your essential retail needs  
  2. Standard (starting price $119) – the ideal tool for retailers selling products via multiple channels
  3. Advanced (starting price $199) – this package integrates more tools for retailers looking to go that one step further
  4. Enterprise (quote upon request) – for large-scale retailers and corporations

What do people say?

“I absolutely love the basic reporting Lightspeed offers. Lightspeed POS is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Allows discounts and customer loyalty accounts to be easily integrated. Support chat is always top-notch.

Several things in Lightspeed seem to be more complicated than they need to be. Enter inventory is an all-day task. I feel Lightspeed is very limited on the discounts and promotional capabilities.”

Brittany B., Small-Business.

How does Linnworks compare?

Lightspeed focuses on bridging the gap between in-store and online sales, offering a harmonious omnichannel experience. 

Linnworks, while also catering heavily to multichannel sellers, is engineered more towards the intricacies of online selling, providing an extensive array of integrations and management tools.

9. Extensiv

Extensiv home page

Extensiv, emerging as a competitive solution in multichannel retail, offers tools that cater specifically to expanding ecommerce businesses. 

With flexibility and adaptability at its core, it’s geared towards businesses poised for growth.

Most notable features

  • Channel synchronization: seamlessly sync product listings and inventory across diverse marketplaces
  • Flexible APIs: integrate with a vast array of third-party apps and tools, adapting as your needs evolve
  • Scalable infrastructure: built to handle growth, ensuring your operations remain smooth as you expand
  • Custom workflows: automate processes tailored to you, improving efficiency and consistency
  • Multilingual support: cater to a global audience, ensuring a seamless experience across different regions and languages


Extensiv hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to Extensiv for the latest price details.

What do people say?

“Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager provides all the tools necessary for our 3PL. Most of its interface is intuitive and modern. The filtering tools are robust and save preferences from session to session.

In general, dealing with the customer support team feels like they don’t really care about your issues. They acknowledge existing issues but don’t take accountability.”

Aidan O., Small-Business.

How does Linnworks compare?

While Extensiv shines with its flexibility and adaptability, especially for growing businesses, Linnworks offers a robust foundation built on years of expertise in multichannel retail management. 

The depth of capabilities and integrations in Linnworks makes it the comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Which ChannelAdvisor alternative is the best?

Navigating the vast seas of ecommerce platforms and tools can indeed be overwhelming. 

Each platform on our list brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to varied company needs and aspirations. 

However, if you’re on the hunt for a ChannelAdvisor alternative that offers robust omnichannel management, unparalleled integrations, and an interface that’s designed with the seller in mind, then the choice becomes clear.

Our vote unequivocally goes to Linnworks. 

With a rich history of understanding the nuances of online retail and providing solutions that not only meet but exceed seller expectations, Linnworks has established itself as the ideal partner for multichannel sellers.

Looking to take the next step? Don’t just take our word for it. Take action with our short self-guided product tour.

Dive deep into the Linnworks ecosystem, explore its capabilities, and discover firsthand how it can transform your online retail operations. 

Ready to see Linnworks in action?

  • Unrivaled ecommerce data accuracy
  • 100+ integrations with global sales channels
  • Up and running in 40 days on average

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