Alternative Marketplaces To Rakuten UK

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To help you get an idea of similar sites to Rakuten UK, following their closure, we have put together a list of alternative marketplaces that may be an equally good fit for your online business.

In fact, whether you previously sold on Rakuten UK and are still looking for new marketplaces to list your products on, or are simply looking for some inspiration on marketplaces that are similar to the likes of eBay and Amazon, we have listed some of your options below.



With a customer base representing 23 countries, the ability to automatically translate your products into 11 different languages and no monthly fees, only a flat 15% commission for each sale, UK-based Fruugo is a lucrative marketplace for many sellers looking to extend their reach and increase their profits.

Similar to Rakuten, Fruugo covers an extensive range of product categories, from electricals to health & beauty right through to sports & leisure.

GAME Marketplace.


Geared more towards the gaming community, GAME Marketplace could be an ideal site to consider if you’re in the gaming, media, PC hardware or even toys and collectables sector.

While GAME Marketplace is still relatively new, the brand has already got an established presence thanks to both its high street presence across the UK and, and the marketplace is already growing aggressively, seeing 12,000 monthly orders from 250 merchants.

With regards to fees, GAME Marketplace has no set up fees, listing costs, subscription fees or fixed term contracts, and instead offers competitive commission rates, as shown below.


As a seller, you can also benefit from their free promotional marketing efforts, and receive free 1-2-1 support during your on-boarding process.



Flubitworks differently to other marketplaces, in that there are no costs or fixed fees for merchants. Specifically, Flubit works by enabling customers to submit an Amazon URL for a product they wish to purchase, and then Flubit returns a better offer for the same product, from one of their merchants. The customers can save up to 15% and the merchants don’t incur a fee.

Tesco Marketplace.


While the Tesco Marketplace is still an invite-only marketplace, it is one that you should be familiar with. Due to their brand awareness and extensive customer base, it is an extremely lucrative selling channel, providing merchants with a valuable opportunity to increase their sales.



As a popular French marketplace, FNACis a great place to start if you are looking to extend your reach overseas. Similar to Rakuten, FNAC offers a range of consumer electronics and media products such as DVDs, CDs, games and software, and with over 15 million unique monthly visitors, it is a great alternative to selling on Rakuten.

Do keep in mind that FNAC also lists products in a range of other categories, including office supplies, sports & leisure equipment, musical instruments and toys & hobbies. The marketplace also provides various benefits to sellers, including sales and marketing assistance, as well as support with technical integrations.



Similar to FNAC, Cdiscount is another key player amongst the French marketplaces, making it another suitable option to consider. Part of the Casino Distribution Group, Cdiscount offers an extensive range of products from categories including consumer electronics, entertainment, homeware, fashion and games & toys.

You should, however, be aware that Cdiscount is currently only in the French language, although you do have access to multilingual account managers. As a seller, you do also have the option to fulfill your orders through Cdiscount’s “C Logistique” service.

In addition to the €39 monthly subscription, sellers will also incur a variable commission fee, anywhere from 4.5% on computer and tablet sales, right up to 20% for jewelry.


Despite having publicly launched less than a year ago, is already one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the US, and has big plans to achieve $20 billion in GMV by 2020.

Ultimately, is an ideal fit if you either offer competitive prices on competitive products or have exclusive distribution of products that are sought after by customers. While sellers don’t have to pay a listing fee, there is a flat 15% commission charged on each product, unless stated in the table below:




Sears is another popular US marketplace, selling a broad range of merchandise, from entertainment, computers & electronics, right through to clothing, homeware and outdoor living goods.

With regards to the fees involved with selling on the Sears marketplace, you will be charged a $39.99 monthly program, as well as a 2.5% interchange fee and the general category dependent commission fee, which can range anywhere between 5-15%.  

The marketplace also offers fulfillment services through its Fulfilled by Sears program.



Newegg is a US-based marketplace, specializing in computer hardware and software. That said, the marketplace does also sell a broader range of products including appliances, sporting equipment, gaming, office solutions and clothing.

While the Newegg marketplace currently has a smaller customer base than Rakuten, due to its niche products, it does have a great US presence and is looking to expand its reach into the UK and Europe, meaning it could be a great alternative.

When selling on this site, merchants are offered competitive commission fees, ranging from 8%-15%, again depending on the category.

Final thoughts.

All in all, there are a range of different marketplaces that would cater to current Rakuten sellers. While it is only the Rakuten UK that is closing, it is worth considering some of the overseas marketplaces we’ve covered, if you are looking to extend your international reach.

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