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How To Find AliExpress Best Selling Products That You Can Buy & Sell For A Profit.

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Home to the largest selection of suppliers worldwide, it can’t be ignored that you will find pretty much any type of product imaginable on AliExpress…

…products that you can purchase at a relatively low cost and sell for a profit on Amazon, eBay or any of your other marketplaces or sales channels.

The problem, however, is that given the sheer number of items listed on the site, how do you go about finding these AliExpress best sellers?

And where else should you be looking to identify products that are not only in high demand, but that are also profitable?

Throughout this guide we have outlined the steps you can take to find best-selling products on AliExpress, as well as guidance on how to make use of additional tools to determine both product demand and profitability.

How to find best-selling products on AliExpress.

While there is no longer a single page dedicated to AliExpress best sellers, by using the following trick you can still obtain some pretty invaluable insights into what is selling well on the marketplace.

We should, however, point out that for this to work, you will need to choose a product category (or sub-category) to get started.

With this in mind, let’s start by assuming that you are looking to source home décor goods.

You can find this page by heading to, hovering over the Home, Garden & Appliances option listed under Categories and selecting Home Décor.

AliExpress Best Sellers

Now one of the first things you’ll notice is that there are more than 2.1 million products listed in this category alone.

The good news is that you can sort these results by Orders to easily identify those in high demand.

After all, if a product has already been purchased tens of thousands of times, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s a popular product.

You shouldn't stop here though.

In fact, we’d suggest that you go one step further and filter the results to display only the products with a 4* plus rating.

AliExpress Best Sellers

But what exactly does this tell us?

Well, alongside these products being best selling items on AliExpress, it also gives us the confidence that other buyers – whether that be the consumer themselves or other online sellers – were satisfied with their purchase.

So, with this particular example, we can see that a listing for butterfly wall stickers not only has the second highest order quantity in the entire home décor product category, but that almost 14,000 other buyers have rated it as being five stars.

Now although this tells us a lot, it doesn’t tell us everything.

In fact, you will need to look beyond this site to validate product demand and determine profitability…

Look beyond the AliExpress Best Sellers list.

Now that we’ve covered the fact that the information from AliExpress alone is not enough, we will cover the additional channels worth looking at to help you decide whether your identified product(s) are worth capitalizing on.

eBay Watch Count.

Regardless of whether you’re buying products from AliExpress to sell on eBay or not, it’s almost certainly worth looking at the eBay Watch Count.

After all, if a product is in high demand on eBay, it’s probably in high demand elsewhere.

Now the good thing about this tool is that it gives you the watch count for any product on eBay.

In fact, it even lets you filter your searches by country, product category and/or keyword, which is great if you’re looking at selling in particular markets.

So, in addition to having identified ‘butterfly wall stickers’ as a best-selling item on AliExpress, we can also see that many related product listings have thousands of watchers on alone.

eBay Watch Count

In terms of demand, this is a pretty good sign.

But just how profitable is this product?

The first thing to point out here is not to be put off by the price you see here, as this is often the starting bid.

Instead, we’d recommend heading to the ‘Completed Items’ tab on the left-hand side of the page (or you can go to eBay itself) and searching for the same keyword, in this case ‘butterfly wall stickers’. Don’t forget to select the ‘Sold Items Only’ box.

In fact, by sorting the products by ‘Price:Highest First’, it also allows you to identify the exact types of products that sell for more.

eBay Watch Count

Unlike many of the 3D butterfly wall stickers which sell on average for £1-5, we can see that vinyl decal butterfly wall stickers sell for up to £59.99.

Now while this doesn’t mean that the lower-priced 3D stickers aren’t a feasible investment, it’s certainly worth heading back to AliExpress to get an idea of the prices for vinyl decal versions to determine potential profit margins.

It’s also worth looking at the prices these products are selling for on other marketplaces too!

Finally, we’d recommend working backwards and starting with the eBay Watch Count across a range of product categories to identify opportunities to capitalize on in the first instance.


If you’re looking to find products to sell on Amazon, then it makes sense to look at the marketplace itself, right?

Fortunately, Amazon offers a huge amount of data to help you identify products that are in high demand – you just need to know where to look.

With this in mind, we would suggest that you start with the Amazon Best Sellers page, which provides insight into the top 100 best-selling products in any given product category or sub-category.

Amazon Best Sellers

Here’s the thing though.

Given that some categories have millions of products, only having access to the top 100 has its limitations.

Which is why the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is important.

More specifically, every product listed on Amazon is given a BSR, which tells you where exactly it is ranked within its relevant category and sub-category, in terms of product sales.

The problem, however, is that you can only access this BSR from the individual product pages, which is why this technique is best served for validating a product idea, rather than identifying popular products.

Amazon BSR

So, sticking with the butterfly wall sticker idea, we can see from the image above that this product has a BSR of 106,917 in the Home & Kitchen category and #1,061 in Wall Stickers & Murals.

Now this is important; not all BSRs are equal and you will therefore need some more context to be able to take meaning from them.

Where possible, you should try to gauge roughly where your identified product sits in the rankings.

Take the previous example for instance.

While we can’t see the total number of products listed for Home & Kitchen as it’s a broader product category, Amazon does provide this information for sub-categories.

Amazon Wall Stickers

In fact, we can see that there are over 90,000 products listed under Wall Stickers & Murals, and a rating of 1,061 would put this product in the top 2% of products in this category.

Now although different product categories will have different levels of demand in each – meaning that even percentages won’t be equal across the board – it still gives a good indication of just how popular a product is.


If you use the SEO tool Ahrefs, what you may not be aware of is that you can actually get the search volumes for any keyword searched for on Amazon.

Now, although this article is focused on sourcing products, it’s never too early to think about the keywords you will use on your marketplace listings, in order to boost visibility and ultimately sales.

Once again, take the butterfly wall stickers example.


We can see that in the UK alone, this keyword receives 900 monthly searches and 600 on Amazon’s US site.

Interestingly, if we search for ‘butterfly wall decals’, although it gets zero hits in the UK, it receives 2,000 monthly searches in the US.


Not only does this suggest you should think about including ‘decals’ in your US listings, more importantly it gives you an idea of the terms you should be searching for on AliExpress, regardless of where you’ll be selling the product.

After all, sites like AliExpress are often more catered for US buyers and you could miss out on identifying products if you don’t consider US variations on search terms.

It’s also worth looking on the ‘All keyword ideas’ for more inspiration on products worth sourcing.

In fact, this will give you more specific detail into the types of ‘butterfly wall stickers’ you could look to buy on AliExpress.

‘3D butterfly wall stickers’, ‘butterfly mirror wall stickers’ and ‘pink butterfly wall stickers’ are all worth exploring.

Don’t just rely on these Ahrefs search volumes though.

Head back to eBay’s Watch Count and Amazon and run the searches through them as well.

Google Keyword Planner.

While Ahrefs is one of our favorite keyword research tools, it is by no means the only option.

In fact, there are a number of paid and free tools available to help you understand the search volumes (and subsequently demand) for products – Google Keyword Planner included.

As with any tool, however, it’s worth looking at the keyword ideas, as this will give you greater insight into the specifics of what people are searching for and subsequently help you source the best products on AliExpress, for example those in a particular color.

As an example, we can see that alongside ‘butterfly wall stickers’ and ‘butterfly wall decals’, Google also suggest ‘wall art’.

Google keyword planner

Once again, it's worth searching for this on AliExpress, in the event that a supplier has listed a good product with only this keyword.

Ultimately, if you're looking to buy from sites such as AliExpress or Alibaba to resell on Amazon or eBay, we would recommend that you make use of different tools to identify products worth capitalizing on. 

While there are tons of additional tools out there, hopefully some of the ones we've covered in this article will help you get started. 

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