5 Reasons To Sell On The Cdiscount Marketplace

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As a result of its broad reach, active customer base and lucrative seller benefits, Cdiscount is a great online marketplace to consider selling on if you’re looking to expand into the French market.

To help you better determine whether or not it is a good fit for your business, we have compiled five of the marketplace’s key benefits below.

One of the most visited eCommerce sites in France.

With an eCommerce market worth €57bn, France itself is the perfect market for cross-border trade, and as one of the most visited eCommerce sites in France, Cdiscount provides a great platform for reaching this market. In fact, more than 7.7 million active users and 11 million unique visitors visit the site each month.

What’s also great is that the marketplace offers a wide range of products, across as many as 40 various product categories, so chances are it’s a good option for your business.

Competitive rates and lucrative payment terms.

In addition to offering competitive commission rates, Cdiscount further ensure that all customer payments are both secure and guaranteed through the use of FIA-net and 3d Secure. With French consumers also preferring to pay for items in instalments, Cdiscount offer customers with a four-part payment process, at no impact to the seller.

Cdiscount Fulfilment.

As a seller on Cdiscount, you will have the option to use their fulfillment service, Cdiscount Fulfillment, specifically allowing you to hand over your entire fulfillment process, including storage, packing and shipping. In addition to this, Cdiscount will further handle any customer queries that relate to delivery or product returns, for all products that they fulfill.

Their logistics expertise is another huge advantage for online sellers, particularly those from international markets who won’t necessarily have much experience in the French market, or be able to speak the local language. You will also hand over all responsibility for order tracking, saving you even more time.

Enhanced media exposure.

Another advantage of selling on Cdiscount is their enhanced media exposure and online visibility.

Specifically, the marketplace has a huge social media presence, with as many as 1.2m Facebook likes and 127k Twitter followers, and they also regularly invest in TV, radio and newspaper ads to further boost visibility and improve the success of their sellers.

Pole Position Program.

Cdiscount’s Pole Position Program (PPP) is a promotional service offered to Cdiscount sellers, with the purpose of increasing their communication on the site. With this option, sellers will agree on an objective with Cdiscount and have a solution package that is specifically tailored to them.

Whether you’re looking to improve visibility or get more customer reviews, there are various campaigns that can help you get even more from selling on Cdiscount. To learn more about selling on Cdiscount and for a full breakdown of the fees, get your free Cdiscount Marketplace Focus guide here.  

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