Amazon Shipping: Last-Mile Innovations For Smarter Shipping

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is pivotal.

Join us to explore tools such as parcel tracking technology for building trust, innovative strategies to accelerate order processing for peak efficiency, and insightful methods to exceed delivery expectations.

We’re talking to Michele Nava, Head of EU Operations for Amazon Shipping. Michele’s skills involve translating customer needs into operational excellence, anticipating market trends, and driving innovation and transformation across Amazon’s network.

You’ll learn:

  • The new tools and technologies changing the game in parcel delivery (and might change yours)
  • The critical importance of real-time tracking updates for building trust
  • How innovation is driving more sustainable shipping (and why it matters)

If you’re an online seller who is looking to build a world-class delivery operation, these may be the most important 40 minutes you’ll spend this year. Do not miss out—your bottom line will thank you.