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management software for retailers.

Manage and process online sales from across your sales channels in one location.

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Computer tablet and monitors showing the Linnworks Order Management tools

Automate order management

Streamline every step of order management from order download to fulfillment.

Linnworks' advanced automation capabilities create streamlined workflows for increased efficiency as order volumes grow.

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Configure Linnworks to match your offline business set up.

Order allocation

Assign incoming orders to key warehouse locations for processing.

Bulk actions

Streamline repeat tasks such as updating order status, editing order details or assigning to warehouses for picking, packing and processing.

Order management features in one place

Be in control with one location to track and manage order lifecycle.

View status and performance for open orders from all selling channels and take action to improve the efficiency of your order management workflow.

  • Add or edit orders quickly within Linnworks for faster order management
  • Filter and sort to view order status and categorize orders for processing
  • Permission access to warehouse users to manage and process open orders based on predefined criteria
  • Provide additional information, services, customer details, shipping, and packing details
  • Drill down to view individual order details and view stock available for fulfillment
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Tablet computers showing the Linnworks product features

Streamline shipping

Manage all shipping and fulfillment actions within Linnworks.

Linnworks connects directly with carriers, 3PL and fulfillment partners to quickly compare and allocate the best shipping options for all orders.

  • Connect directly with carriers, 3PL and fulfillment partners to manage shipping labels and split packaging
  • Split or merge orders as required to make shipping more efficient.
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Efficient shipping

Split or merge orders as required to make shipping more efficient.


Print shipping labels and automatically generate manifests.


Assign packing instructions based on item weight or dimensions.

Allocate carriers

Allocate shipping partners and carriers based on predefined criteria.

Improve customer experience

Ensure a seamless after sales experience for all customers.

Get full visibility of order status across all shipping and fulfillment channels to manage order updates to customers.

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Email updates

Keep customers informed with email updates once orders have been dispatched.


Manage after sale services such as returns, exchanges, resends, and refunds.

A tablet computer showing the Linnworks order status view

"Our goal is to make it a seamless process for any company, small or large, to onboard their products to then sell in multiple verticals, channels and countries. With Linnworks in place to centrally manage multichannel inventory and order management, that scale is possible."

Ashmeet Kandhar




Rex Brown

Rex Brown

"With everything streamlined, we were able to reduce 10 hours per week fulfilling orders. Whenever customers ask for changes to an order, I can go straight into Linnworks and easily make the change with confidence that the order is dispatched accurately."

Shirley Scott






"After we were set up with Linnworks, we reached a fulfillment success rate of 23x more orders in the first month and 98% reduction in human error."

Chris Corcoran


Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager


CJI Retail

CJI Retail

"With Linnworks, everything is integrated automatically and linked together. All we need to do is press a button and then it’s out the door. There could be 10,000 orders the next day, and they’re still going to be processed. The amount of orders we get is just a good thing – we know that the system can manage it."

David Feakins




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RC Geeks

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