Order management software for ecommerce businesses.

Easily manage growing order volumes across your sales channels from one central platform.

Save time with advanced order management automation.

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Integrate existing sales channels and easily expand to new ones

Choose from more than 70+ marketplaces and sales channels integrations to expand your customer reach in no time.

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Streamline your operations

Automated order management.

Linnworks advanced automated order management software connects your sales channels, orders and fulfillment with greater efficiency as your order volumes increase.

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Workflows for order processing

Configure Linnworks order management software for specific workflows around repetitive tasks and key business processes such as assigning orders to warehouses for the pick, pack and ship process.

Fast fulfillment

Connect orders with 3PLs or warehouse locations and automatically assign orders to the appropriate fulfillment center location for fast processing and fulfillment.

Essential business insights generated in minutes

Get access to powerful reporting that provides meaningful business insights. Reports include tracking sales during specific time periods and how many orders come through on specific sale channels so you can make business decisions based on real-time data.

Automate purchase orders

Automate the purchase order process and replenish inventory to optimal levels that you set to avoid stock outs.

Multichannel order management

Be in full control from one central platform.

  • Assign shipping carriers for each order automatically based on predefined criteria.
  • Allocate orders to 3PLs or fulfillment centers with Linnworks advanced fulfillment automation. Streamline picks lists for a faster picking process.
  • Filter and sort to view an order status and categorize orders for processing with multichannel order management.
  • Incoming orders are automatically tagged, filtered and sorted using Linnworks automation based on predefined criteria that you set.
  • Automatically merge orders from the same customer to make shipping more efficient. You can also split orders into separate packages based on weight, size and dimension.
  • Process orders in batches for faster fulfillment.
  • Prevent overselling as orders are processed. Inventory is synced across all of your sales channels for real-time inventory levels with inventory management software.
  • Create, edit and cancel orders from one central view.
  • Easily navigate through orders by assigning orders with category tags.
  • Decrease obsolete inventory by making sure products that are the closest to their expiration dates are shipped first.
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Robust shipping management

Connect all your shipping and fulfillment with Linnworks.

Integrate all of your shipping carriers into Linnworks diverse shipping management system that automatically selects the best shipping option for each order.

  • Connect with Linnworks shipping integrations like ShipStation, UPS, USPS and FedEx and a variety of 3PL integrations like ShipBob and Ruby Has.
  • Quickly select the most cost-effective shipping carrier by comparing all available shipping quotes for an order in one place.
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Pack orders with ease

Auto assign the most efficient way to pack orders. No more manual packing assignments.

Print labels in bulk and generate manifests

Print bulk shipping labels with a press of a button. Generate and edit shipping manifests with a breakdown of total items, weights of items and volumes.

Streamline logistics with Amazon FBA

Take advantage of Amazon’s distribution network, infrastructure, world- class delivery service, returns system, and customer service process in Linnworks. Submit orders for Fulfillment by Amazon right in the platform from across all of your connected sales channels and have full visibility over stock levels across FBA locations.

An easier way to manage eBay Fulfillment orders

Seamlessly track orders and inventory levels managed by eBay Fulfillment. Offer exceptional delivery service. including the option of next day and standard delivery. Get peace of mind with protection against any defects related to deliveries.

Improve customer experience

Ensure a seamless post-purchase experience for all customers.

Get full visibility of order status across all shipping and fulfillment channels to manage order updates to customers.

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Better customer communications

Keep customers informed with email updates once orders have been dispatched.

Improve customer happiness

during the post-purchase experience by managing canceled orders, exchanges, returns and refunds efficiently. Keep an entire record of all orders through Linnworks.

How our customers drive real growth with Linnworks

See how Linnworks order management software helped Rave Coffee increase orders by 100%.

Speciality roasters Rave Coffee needed an order management system that could manage the doubling of orders to 800 per day and handle future growth. When deciding on a new order management system, they were impressed by Linnworks robust integration with Shopfiy, advanced automation capabilities and the personalized onboarding process.

“We needed a partner that was capable of handling spikes in demand as well as sustaining our future growth. As well as our requirements for a more robust system, we also wanted to find a provider that could provide a greater level of support both for troubleshooting issues and ensuring we optimized our set up.” - Vikki Hodge, Director at Rave Coffee

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