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London, United Kingdom, and Louisville, Kentucky, October 11, 2023 — Linnworks, a leading inventory management system (“IMS”), order management system (“OMS”) and warehouse management system (“WMS”) solutions provider, has announced a new product vision, focused on tackling ecommerce operations – Connected CommerceOps – within small and medium ecommerce retailers as they evolve their business.

Linnworks: a Connected CommerceOps solution

The Linnworks North America product suite will now encompass two core solutions: Linnworks Advanced and SkuVault Core. This Connected CommerceOps suite brings three core attributes to the retailer: connectivity to a diverse number of marketplaces, automation to traditionally time-consuming ecommerce processes and a centralized repository for listings, inventory, orders and shipments into one single source of truth. 

This offering is the culmination of the acquisition of SkuVault by Linnworks in 2022, a moment that brought together two companies with a shared vision of accelerating growth for ecommerce sellers in the SMB space globally. Bringing together WMS with IMS and OMS creates a bedrock of tools that every growing online retailer needs to drive new revenue and satisfy customer expectations.

Bringing together two solutions under one unified brand

“Both the Linnworks and SkuVault solutions have a rich history in the ecommerce operations space creating value for thousands of customers. Bringing these solutions together under one unified Linnworks brand enables us to serve the industry leveraging a broader set of capabilities for our customers, no matter where you are in your ecommerce journey”, says Linnworks’ CEO Chris Timmer.

Central to Linnworks’ proposition is its connected ecosystem giving retailers access to a wide variety of marketplaces to market and sell their goods as well as a plethora of shipping partners to ensure products get to the end consumer on time and with minimal outlay.

“We are here to simplify the lives of ecommerce retailers, and help expand their business while driving efficiency within their commerce ops.” Timmer continues. 

Phil Munro, Linnworks’ Chief Customer Officer, said, “Our unique combination of expert, passionate teams and local and global talent drives significant value to our customers, employees and partners. Our commitment to customer support is a competitive differentiator that we hear consistently, as solving retailers’ toughest commerce ops challenges goes beyond the great features of our software to include the expertise and guidance our global team provides.”

Linnworks is backed by California-based growth investor Marlin Equity Partners, the majority shareholder.

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Linnworks is the global growth platform for ecommerce retailers that want to streamline their commerce operation. By syncing complex operational data like inventory, warehousing, orders and fulfillment into a single view, Linnworks empowers businesses around the world with greater visibility, speed and operational efficiency. With over 5,000 customers and $15 billion GMV processed every year, Linnworks serves product sellers across the customer journey from startups to scale-ups to mid-sized organizations and 3PLs. For more information, please visit

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