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Powerful multichannel
listing software for your ecommerce business.

Grow your ecommerce business by selling everywhere your customers spend time online. Easily manage and optimize large quantities of listings at a touch of a button across key sales channels.

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List your products on multiple channels

Expand your reach on the sales channels where customers are spending their time.

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More results, with less effort

Manage hundreds of listings effortlessly.

Linnworks powerful multichannel listing tool helps you manage listings across multiple sales channels more effectively, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.

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Multichannel listing software features

Bulk listings

Drive sales to your business more efficiently with Linnworks and submit hundreds of new products to channels by using a powerful bulk listing tool.

Bulk updates

Effectively manage large quantities of listings and revise existing product information in bulk in just a couple of clicks by grouping similar listing templates together.

Price synchronization

Manage prices for all of your listings across key sales channels like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Shopify seamlessly with automatic price revision.

Attribute mapping

Automate populating channel attribute fields with product specific information by mapping Linnworks item properties to channel data types.

Product mapping

Match products to eBay and Amazon catalogues.

Track listing status and errors

Keep track of all your listings status and resolve errors that are surfaced in the platform with recommended actions.

Optimize sales channel listings

Create unique listings across key sales channels.

Customize listings on each sales channel and enrich product information.


Create eye-catching descriptions of your products to make
your branding stand
out either by using
our visual editor or by importing custom HTML code.

Channel specific information

Optimize your listings by submitting channel specific listing data to each sales channel that you sell on including prices, titles and descriptions.


Impress your buyers by listing products with high-quality images.

Group products

Create a better customer experience and increase sales
by diversifying your product offering and creating bundles of individual products, or set variation listings to link similar items together.

Optimize properties

Enrich product information by submitting product attributes and specifications.

Avoid over and underselling

The risk of overselling or missing out on valuable sales.

Avoid overselling so your customers are happy. Inventory is synchronized with all linked selling platforms as soon as orders arrive from connected sales channels to ensure you have a real-time view of all inventory levels.

Listings can be disabled as stock sells out on one channel and automatically reactivated as stock is replenished, preventing overselling or lost sales.

Sell better with Linnworks

Leaders in Multichannel Retail Software.

The crowd has spoken. Linnworks is proud to be the Multichannel Retail software category leader in the top right quadrant for G2.

Read unbiased reviews from real customers and compare for yourself.

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Linnworks is a leader in Inventory Control on G2
Linnworks is a leader in Multichannel Retail on G2
Linnworks is a leader in Online Marketplace Optimization Tools on G2
Linnworks is a leader in Multichannel Retail on G2
Linnworks is a leader in Multichannel Retail on G2

How our customers drive real growth with Linnworks

Expanding into new marketplaces using Linnworks multichannel inventory management software.

Founded in 2009, Retro Styler was formed by husband and wife Luca and Sally Salamone who were inspired by their own love of shopping for retro merchandise online.

While they found many specialist online sellers focused on retro sweets, branded gifts, and retro clothing, they spotted a gap in the market for a one-stop-shop retro-focussed retailer where fans of particular brands, characters, and franchises could browse product ranges.

“We need Linnworks to achieve multichannel growth,” comments Luca. “Being able to track the performance of different product lines on each marketplace using Linnworks helps us make informed business decisions and reassures us that we’ll be able to build a presence on more marketplaces.” - Luca Salamone, Marketing Manager at Retro Styler

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