Linnworks Onboarding.

Our setup and onboarding services are designed for new customers who want to maximize the potential of Linnworks in the shortest period of time. Tailored around your needs, a qualified team of implementation specialists will design and execute a plan suited to your requirements.

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Our implementation approach

Designed for your needs.

We work with your team to understand your business outcomes and technical requirements, then align our approach to consider your goals. We address your needs efficiently and clearly articulate what we will achieve together.

Why Onboarding?

Reduce your time to market.

Our aim is to get you set up as quickly as possible so you can connect to all potential customers and capture every revenue opportunity. On average, Linnworks onboarding customers launch and gain control up to twice as fast as customers who opt to do it themselves.

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Why Onboarding?

Comprehensive planning.

We will establish key goals and objectives right from the start with a clear project plan to guide you through the core platform functionality and assist you with setting up your Linnworks account.

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Why Onboarding?

Integrate with existing systems.

Data and channel migration can be a time-consuming and difficult process if you don’t have the resources to manage it. Linnworks onboarding gives you access to a SME (Subject Matter Expert) who can advise on the best practices to most effectively navigate your migration.

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Why Onboarding?

Rapid deployment & low risk launch.

The onboarding process is broken down into a series of setup and training sessions. By the end you will know how to master Linnworks and feel empowered using it.

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Why Onboarding?

Greater confidence and control.

We’re with you every step of the way to set you up for success using Linnworks. Increased confidence from onboarding has led many customers to expand and grow much faster, with optimized set up and integration, customized control and awareness of a wider range of platform features.

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Go-live readiness

Robust testing
and pre go-live checks.

Our onboarding team are true Linnworks experts who understand the full capabilities of the system. At each stage of implementation we conduct robust testing and give you absolute confidence you are ready to go live.

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“We had a very positive experience going through onboarding with Linnworks with hands-on technical support that demonstrated how the platform was tailored to our specific requirements and the whole team is confident about hitting the ground running.”

Vikki Hodge


Director, Rave Coffee


Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee

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Maximize the potential of Linnworks in the shortest period of time.

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