Sell on TikTok with the Linnworks Integration.

Sell everywhere your customers are with the Linnworks and TikTok integration.

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TikTok Integration for ecommerce sellers

One central location to manage your TikTok Shop listings,
orders and inventory.

Achieve Total Commerce with Linnworks and TikTok.

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Listing management

  • Be in full control of customer facing listing information such as titles, descriptions, images and more with Linnworks.
  • Save time with listing templates and bulk actions to create, edit and manage listings.
  • Free up your time by streamlining key tasks such as automatically pushing and synching product listings and any updates from Linnworks to TikTok.
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Order management

  • Channel orders can be automatically downloaded
    into Linnworks allowing you to reserve available stock and avoid overselling.
  • Orders can be downloaded to and inventory updates sent from specific locations.
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Inventory Management

  • Linnworks can automatically send changes in stock levels to the channel.
  • Channel listings can be linked to Linnworks inventory items for stock level and price updates.
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Shipping Management

  • Remove manual processes in shipping management with automated shipping allocation.
  • Linnworks can assign the correct postal service method to the downloaded orders and print the appropriate labels to ensure a seamless post purchase experience.
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Price sync

  • Never worry about selling stock over or underpriced. Linnworks auto updates prices on every sales channel minutes after prices are adjusted.
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  • Measure TikTok channel performance alongside all other sales channels and performance metrics.

Why do buyers love TikTok?

Reach new customers and expand your business by tapping into the social commerce opportunity.

  • Mediatel predicts that social commerce will reach $7.46bn in the UK by 2023 of which $3.3B will be from Live Shopping.
  • 4/5 people are likely to buy on social media if they have watched a LIVE or participated in conversational commerce.
  • You can showcase and sell products to the global TikTok community of >1BN monthly users directly through in-feed videos, live streams, and a product showcase tab.

If you’re a UK merchant you can get started today.

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Why TikTok?

On TikTok Shop, everything happens in app.

  • There is no redirection to partnered shopping apps or websites, meaning higher conversion and sales.
  • Get access to TikTok Shop’s campaigns and its extensive selection of promotion tools such as flash sales, coupons, free shipping and more.
  • Leverage the hyper engaged communities of the many creators in TikTok’s Affiliate program to boost your sales with no extra effort.
  • Make the most of TikTok’s LIVE Shopping offer thanks to the direct catalog sync & management capability provided with our integration. LIVE Shopping enables direct communication and real time engagement with a community looking to purchase from the brands they love and trust.
  • The “TikTok Made Me Buy It” trend has received over 14 billion views globally.
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