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Benefits of using Magento Inventory Management Software

Boost profitability with data-backed decisions

Identify your best and worst performing Magento inventory and use this insight to make more profitable business decisions. Determine the most optimal reorder points to maximise sales, prevent stock from becoming obsolete and even improve your inventory turnover rate.

Grow your Magento store across the globe

With the ability to manage multiple currencies, handle translated listings and route your orders to the closest warehouse, Linnworks’ Magento integration makes it possible to scale your business internationally and reach a global audience.

Seamlessly manage multiple Magento stores

Whether you’re using Magento’s multi-store functionality to launch new brands, target different audiences or enter new international markets, each storefront can be managed separately within Linnworks, meaning you can control available stock levels and analyse inventory performance.

Avoid overselling with Magento inventory management

Manage a single product catalogue for Magento, Amazon, eBay and more, and have full confidence that each channel will be automatically updated whenever you make a sale, preventing you from overselling or experiencing stockouts.

Save countless hours listing your inventory to Magento

With Linnworks’ bulk listing tool, you can list thousands of stock items to Magento, eBay, Amazon and more, all at the click of a button, freeing up hours of valuable time to spend focusing on the things that matter most.

Have complete visibility of your Magento stock

With Linnworks’ Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software, have total visibility of your Magento inventory and orders from anywhere in the world, and on any device.

Achieve greater cost-savings

Ensure your Magento stock levels are accurate

Prevent human error such as overselling, as well as the subsequent costs of rectifying mistakes and dealing with disappointed customers, by ensuring that your stock levels are automatically updated on Magento whenever you make a sale on other channels.

Reduce inventory carrying costs with product bundles

Cut back on the cost of storing slow-moving products in your warehouse, all the while increasing average order value, by creating product bundles. Combine SKUs as a single Magento listing, safe in the knowledge that Linnworks will manage the inventory in the backend.

Eliminate product wastage

Reduce product wastage and keep your inventory costs to a minimum with Linnworks’ First in First out (FIFO) functionality. Assign expiration dates or priority values to your products to define the order in which your stock is picked, packed and dispatched.

Improve customer satisfaction with greater efficiency

Scalable Magento software for high-growth merchants

Linnworks’ Inventory Management Software is designed to scale with the growth of your online business. Whether you want to sell into new markets, open new Magento stores or expand across more marketplaces, Linnworks enables this by supporting high transaction volumes and complex inventory needs.

Dispatch your Magento orders faster

By ensuring your inventory is accurate across each of your sales channels, orders can be automatically downloaded from Magento without error and shipped to the customer without delay. In turn, avoid disappointed customers and increase your chances of positive feedback.

Quickly process Magento returns

Ensure you’re equipped to effectively manage product returns with inventory software that integrates across your supply chain. Track the status of returned Magento packages, automatically relist relevant stock and identify the most common reasons driving returns.

Save valuable time managing your Magento inventory

Automate your stock control

With the ability to create automated rules based on triggers and conditions, you can save valuable time by controlling things such as how much inventory is available on each of your Magento stores, and even set automatic reorder parameters based on inventory demand.

Automatically import Magento orders

Have complete confidence that as soon as an order is placed on Magento, it will automatically be imported into Linnworks ready to be fulfilled, and that your stock levels will be adjusted across all of your sales channels.

Connect Magento with eBay, Amazon and more

Integrate your Magento store with eBay, Amazon and any of your other sales channels through Linnworks. Synchronise your inventory and manage your entire business operations from a centralised location.

Make more profitable business decisions

Anticipate product demand for your Magento inventory

Analyse historical sales data to understand your customer’s buying behaviour and seasonal fluctuations. In turn, anticipate demand for your Magento inventory, set the optimum reorder points and plan ahead to ensure you have enough stock to meet customer demand and therefore maximise sales.

Compare Magento sales with Amazon, eBay and more

With access to your inventory analytics, you can more easily review how well your stock is selling on Magento, compared to the other sales channels you list to. Drill down on individual SKU’s or compare channel performance as a whole to make better business decisions.

Identify poor-performing Magento stock

Pinpoint which products aren’t selling well on your Magento store with Linnworks’ inventory analytics tool. Use this insight to determine promotions and other strategies to reduce inventory holding costs, free up valuable warehouse space and minimise costs.

Frequently asked questions

Can my Magento orders be fulfilled through FBA?

Yes, Linnworks directly integrates with many third-party logistics providers, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This means you can automatically route your orders from Magento directly through to FBA, while also having the option to prioritise these orders.

Can I list variation products to Magento using Linnworks?

Yes, Linnworks’ Magento Listing tool makes it possible to list single items, variations or bundles, either individually or in bulk.

Does Linnworks support Magento Multi-Store?

Yes. Once enabled, each Multi-Store will be treated as a location within Linnworks. This means that your orders can be separated by store, giving you better oversight.

4,000+ online sellers use Linnworks

"In fact, we achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

Source BMX

"Linnworks has been an invaluable resource for our customers looking for a simple way to not only connect into but automate sales efforts within leading marketplaces, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them as an OMS partner."

Russell Klein, CCO, BigCommerce

"Linnworks is the market leader in integration and management. They are an important partner for eBay."

Rob Hatrell, CEO, eBay UK

"We've worked with Linnworks for more than eight years, generating £10’s of millions in GTV. By being fully integrated into the Linnworks platform, we can continue to help businesses take full advantage of this growing consumer demand across the globe."

Håkan Thyr, CRO, Fruugo

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