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Benefits of using eBay Inventory Management Software

Prevent eBay account suspension

Protect your eBay seller status by automating and synchronising your inventory. Sell with confidence and ensure your eBay stock levels are automatically adjusted, eliminating the risk of overselling and account suspension.

Achieve greater cost-savings

Avoid overstocking and under-stocking your eBay products and in-turn reduce your inventory holding costs for greater cost-savings, with Linnworks’ Inventory Management Software for eBay sellers.

Expand across eBay’s worldwide sites

Scale your business to sell across all 23 international eBay sites and manage your inventory, listings and orders for each, all from within one centralised system. Set channel specific pricing and control the stock levels available on each marketplace.

Fulfil your eBay orders faster than ever

Save time and increase profitability by automating your entire inventory, order and shipping management processes. Assign shipping providers, split orders and add tracking information, keeping your customers happy with a highly efficient service.

Build a more profitable eBay business

With access to a wealth of eBay inventory data, you can accurately report on how well individual product lines are performing and in which markets, allowing you to make more profitable and informed business decisions.

Have more freedom to grow

Linnworks’ eBay Inventory Management Software gives you the tools to expand your business on eBay and beyond. By automating your operations, you can have more time to invest in both your business and life.

Streamline your eBay business processes

Connect your eBay channels with Amazon, Shopify, Magento and more

With the ability to integrate all your selling channels within Linnworks’ Inventory Management System, you can synchronise your stock across each and have complete oversight of your business at all times.

Seamlessly manage all eBay returns

Quickly and accurately process every eBay return, update your stock levels and issue customer refunds all from one centralised location. Record the reason for the return and then run reports so that you can pinpoint common areas where things go wrong.

Easily transfer eBay items between warehouses

Transfer your stock between warehouses at the click of a button. Log the shipping costs incurred to ensure transactional accuracy and list your eBay inventory as unavailable during this transition, eliminating the risk of overselling and disappointing customers.

Reduce costs related to your eBay business

Identify poor-performing eBay inventory

Easily identify the inventory that isn’t selling well across each of the eBay sites you list to and draw comparisons against your other channels. Use this insight to make more informed business decisions for greater cost-savings and profitability.

Maintain accurate inventory levels

With automatic stock updates, you can be confident that you won’t run the risk of a stockout or overselling. Always maintain an accurate level of inventory, regardless of which channels you sell on and in turn reduce your inventory carrying costs.

Quickly track and trace your eBay inventory

Improve the traceability of your eBay products with Linnworks’ batch tracking functionality. Track the status of every batch, ensuring they are sold before becoming damaged or obsolete and alternatively trace defective items in the event of a product recall.

Make data-driven business decisions for your eBay store

Anticipate customer demand for your eBay inventory

Analyse historical sales data in order to accurately identify customer buying behaviour and seasonal trends. With this insight, anticipate any increases in demand for your eBay inventory and ensure you have the optimum amount of stock to hand.

Identify your best-sellers on eBay

Pinpoint which of your product lines are proving to be the most and least successful on each of your eBay sites, with Linnworks’ Inventory Management Software. In addition to this, access relevant data to make strategic and profitable business decisions.

Forecast precisely when to reorder eBay stock

With the ability to calculate your inventory lead times, product demand and daily average stock consumption, Linnworks can determine the appropriate times to reorder stock for your eBay business and other selling channels.

Save countless hours running your eBay business

Manage your eBay inventory from the cloud

Benefit from having complete oversight of your eBay inventory from anywhere in the world with Linnworks’ Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software. Easily keep track of your eBay orders while on the go, saving you both time and money.

Minimise human error and protect your eBay seller status

Automate many different manual tasks including warehouse management and inventory stock adjustments on eBay, Amazon, Shopify and more, in turn eliminating the risk of human error that can cost you in time, money and reputation.

Sell more in less time with eBay’s Global Shipping Programme

Scale your business more efficiently by enabling eBay GSP either on individual listings or in bulk. Once the item sells, Linnworks will then download the order and tell you exactly which eBay GSP depot to ship it to, making the process of selling internationally a whole lot easier.

Frequently asked questions

Can I fulfil my eBay orders through a 3PL such as FBA?

Yes, Linnworks has a direct integration with many 3PL’s, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This means that you can opt to automatically route orders from eBay, or any other sales channel, through to FBA.

Keep in mind that our open API gives you the flexibility to build and integrate custom integrations with other 3PL services.

Can I list variation products to eBay using Linnworks?

Yes, the eBay listing tool allows you to list single items, variations or bundles.

4,000+ online sellers use Linnworks

"In fact, we achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

Source BMX

"Linnworks has been an invaluable resource for our customers looking for a simple way to not only connect into but automate sales efforts within leading marketplaces, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them as an OMS partner."

Russell Klein, CCO, BigCommerce

"Linnworks is the market leader in integration and management. They are an important partner for eBay."

Rob Hatrell, CEO, eBay UK

"We've worked with Linnworks for more than eight years, generating £10’s of millions in GTV. By being fully integrated into the Linnworks platform, we can continue to help businesses take full advantage of this growing consumer demand across the globe."

Håkan Thyr, CRO, Fruugo

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