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Benefits of using BigCommerce Inventory Management Software

Have complete oversight of every BigCommerce order

Manage your BigCommerce orders all from one centralised location, integrating your other selling channels to keep everything in one place. Whether you sell on BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon or any other platform, maintain full control of your inventory at all times.

Put an end to chaotic selling conditions

Have complete confidence that your BigCommerce stock levels will be automatically updated across your online store and other selling channels every time you make a sale. Remove the risk of overselling, stock outs and maintain accurate inventory levels.

Save time with your BigCommerce listings

Revise information across your BigCommerce listings at the click of a button, saving you countless hours with Linnworks’ powerful bulk listing tool. Quickly and easily update your returns policies, shipping information, product descriptions and more.

Expand your BigCommerce store with ease

Have full confidence in scaling your business across new markets with Linnworks’ BigCommerce integration. Open multiple BigCommerce sites and enter global markets while maintaining complete control of your inventory and stock levels all from a single location.

Dispatch your BigCommerce orders on time

Keep your customers happy by dispatching your BigCommerce orders on time, every time. Speed up the order fulfilment process and improve the efficiency of your picking and packing teams with Linnworks’ Inventory Management Software.

Boost the profitability of your BigCommerce store

Get granular with your BigCommerce reports so that you can make even more profitable decisions to support the long-term growth of your business. Uncover meaningful insights from your data to resolve poor purchasing decisions and optimise your marketing strategies.

Save time managing your BigCommerce inventory

Automate your entire BigCommerce inventory management

Free up time by automating everything from order creation to order fulfilment, including elements such as label printing and order fulfilment. Use Linnworks’ rules engine to apply other bespoke automations, without the need for prior programming knowledge.

Synchronise your BigCommerce stock across multiple channels

Collate your orders from BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay and all of your other selling channels into one centralised inventory management system. Have full confidence that your stock levels will automatically update and synchronise to prevent overselling and stock outs.

Manage your BigCommerce orders from anywhere

As Linnworks’ Inventory Management Software is hosted in the cloud, you can view and manage your BigCommerce orders from anywhere in the world. Access your sales data for each of your selling channels and adjust your inventory at any time you need.

Optimise the buying experience for your BigCommerce customers

Complete your BigCommerce orders in less time

Fulfil your BigCommerce orders quicker than ever before, with Linnworks’ automated Inventory Management Software. Connect your system with numerous couriers, such as Royal Mail, DPD and FedEx, and assign shipping providers at the click of a button.

Improve the picking accuracy of your BigCommerce orders

Maximise customer satisfaction rates by ensuring that your customers receive the correct items every time with Linnworks’ barcode scanning functionality. Benefit from full stock visibility and easily track the status of a customer’s order as and when needed.

Process your BigCommerce returns easily

Returns are inevitable, but they don’t need to be stressful for you or your customers. Process your BigCommerce returns in less time with Linnworks’ Inventory Management System. Assign reasons to each return and use this data to inform future business decisions.

Make data-driven decisions for your BigCommerce store

Forecast demand for your BigCommerce products

Analyse your historical sales data to identify buying patterns and seasonal trends, in order to forecast accurate demand for your BigCommerce products. Ensure that your warehouses are never overstocked nor understocked, in turn reducing your inventory carrying costs.

Accurately report on your BigCommerce inventory

Get immediate insight into the performance of your BigCommerce inventory, with full access to your eCommerce analytics from the dashboard. Quickly identify your top-selling products and best-performing channels, using this insight to inform your decisions.

Optimise your business with custom reporting

Achieve even greater insight into your BigCommerce store and business by making use of Linnworks’ bespoke custom reports and automated queries, written by our team of Customisation Specialists. Get granular with your precise business and selling requirements.

Scale your BigCommerce store with confidence

Take your BigCommerce store across the globe

Easily list your BigCommerce products across new platforms and marketplaces with hundreds of single-click integrations. Expand your reach and test new markets before committing to them fully and iron out any potential issues to save on business costs.

Zero downtime to your BigCommerce inventory

Scale your BigCommerce store seamlessly with highly durable infrastructure designed for mission critical, ensuring zero downtime and lightning fast performance. During peak usage, Linnworks adds extra servers to guarantee that your system will always run at top speed.

Maintain consistent processes when entering new markets

With Linnworks’ Inventory Management System, your team only needs to learn one way to process orders, facilitating an easy expansion into new markets. Maximise your efficiency by maintaining consistent processes across BigCommerce and your other selling channels.

Frequently asked questions

Does Linnworks integrate with both BigCommerce Enterprise and Essentials?

Yes. You can connect your BigCommerce store Linnworks, regardless of whether you’re a BigCommerce Enterprise or BigCommerce Essentials business owner.

Can I connect my BigCommerce store with Amazon and eBay?

Absolutely. As a multi-channel inventory management platform, Linnworks enables you to connect all of your sales channels – whether that’s online marketplaces (e.g. Amazon or eBay) or other online store platforms (e.g. BigCommerce or Magento) – in one centralised location.

Can my BigCommerce orders be fulfilled through Amazon FBA?

Yes. Linnworks has direct integrations with numerous 3PLs, including Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). As such, you can automatically route your BigCommerce orders through to FBA.

4,000+ online sellers use Linnworks

"In fact, we achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

Source BMX

"Linnworks has been an invaluable resource for our customers looking for a simple way to not only connect into but automate sales efforts within leading marketplaces, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them as an OMS partner."

Russell Klein, CCO, BigCommerce

"Linnworks is the market leader in integration and management. They are an important partner for eBay."

Rob Hatrell, CEO, eBay UK

"We've worked with Linnworks for more than eight years, generating £10’s of millions in GTV. By being fully integrated into the Linnworks platform, we can continue to help businesses take full advantage of this growing consumer demand across the globe."

Håkan Thyr, CRO, Fruugo

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