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Benefits of using Amazon inventory management software

Avoid Amazon suspension with seamless inventory management

Manage your inventory in one place and ensure your Amazon inventory levels are automatically adjusted when you make a sale on eBay, Magento or any other sales channel. In turn, avoid overselling and delayed fulfilment which can lead to account suspension.

Boost Amazon profitability with greater insights

With Linnworks’ inventory analytics functionality you can identify your best and worst performing Amazon products and markets, using these insights to make more profitable business decisions and respond more quickly to demand.

Scale across Amazon’s international sites

Set location-specific pricing across your different Amazon sites, have full control over the inventory levels you make available on each and scale your business with ease, all from Linnworks’ Centralised Inventory Management System.

Improve your Amazon seller performance

Easily manage fluctuating order volumes, eliminate the occurrence of stockouts and avoid issues with order fulfilment, in turn improving your Amazon seller performance and Amazon account health.

Keep your Amazon customers happy

With the ability to prioritise orders, you can have complete confidence that these orders will be shipped on time, every time. In turn, increase your chances of securing positive reviews, while retaining your Prime Eligible status if you're using Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime programme.

Sell more by listing to Amazon Business

Reach Amazon’s B2B customer base and increase sales with the ability to list your inventory to Amazon Business. Control order-quantity discounts and set different prices for business customers, all from within Linnworks’ Amazon Inventory Management System.

Track your Amazon inventory performance

Make data-driven business decisions

Obtain meaningful insights from your Amazon sales data and make smarter and more profitable business decisions going forward with Linnworks.

Specify pricing for each individual Amazon channel

Regardless of which Amazon marketplace you sell on, Linnworks will consider each as its own sales channel, meaning you can set pricing that aligns with product demand in each market.

Understand your Amazon inventory turnover

With Inventory Management Software, you can work out how quickly you’re selling through your inventory to determine how much stock is required to avoid overstocking and under-stocking on Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and your other sales channels.

Save countless hours managing your Amazon inventory

Cloud-based Amazon Inventory Management Software

Keep track of your Amazon orders from anywhere in the world and on any device, with Linnworks’ Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software.

Integrate your Amazon account with eBay, Shopify and more

By connecting your website platform and online marketplaces within Linnworks, you can manage your inventory, orders, listings, shipping and more all from one platform, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business and life.

List in bulk to Amazon

With the ability to upload and revise thousands of listings in bulk to Amazon, you can save countless hours of valuable time, while preventing the common mistakes that come with a manual listing process.

Manage your FBA inventory with ease

Define which orders should be routed to FBA

Have full control over which orders will be routed to FBA for fulfilment once an item has sold, while being safe in the knowledge that the order tracking details will be updated to the sales channel and the full sales history recorded within Linnworks.

Prioritise FBA and FBM orders

By consolidating all your sales orders into one centralised system, Linnworks can easily identify and prioritise those that need to be despatched first, such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfilled by Merchant orders, giving you confidence that priority orders will be shipped on time.

Avoid hefty FBA storage fees

Prevent costly long-term storage fees by ensuring you have the optimum amount of stock on hand to meet customer demand, but not too much that you have excess stock.

Benefit from greater cost-savings

Identify inventory that isn’t selling well on Amazon

Pinpoint the stock that isn’t performing well on Amazon, using this insight to make profitable business decisions, such as whether to reduce the amount of inventory you hold and cut back on unnecessary storage fees, or alternatively invest in product promotions.

Streamline Amazon inventory tracking

With Linnworks’ Batch Tracking Functionality, you can save valuable time in the event of a product recall, streamline inventory tracking, reduce the risk of your Amazon stock becoming obsolete and more accurately assess the value of your inventory.

Maintain accurate Amazon stock levels

Regardless of how many channels you sell on, Linnworks’ Centralised Inventory Management System ensures your stock levels are adjusted every time you make a sale, helping you avoid the costs incurred from human error and disappointing your customers.

Frequently asked questions

Does Linnworks connect with Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)?

Yes, Seller Fulfilled Prime merchants can purchase Amazon Buy Shipping labels directly from within Linnworks. The software also enables Prime orders to be filtered and prioritised, ensuring that you meet delivery cut-off times.

Does Linnworks connect with FBA?

Yes, Linnworks has a direct integration with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Once the FBA warehouse have booked any stock changes in, you will be able to see this data at the FBA location within Linnworks.

Can I do multi-channel fulfilment using FBA?

Yes, Linnworks supports multi-channel FBA fulfilment. This means that you can opt to send all orders to FBA, whether that be from Amazon, your other marketplaces or your own eCommerce store. Linnworks’ FBA integration enables you to route orders through to FBA, safe in the knowledge that your stock levels will be updated within Linnworks and the tracking details automatically sent to the sales channel.

Does Linnworks integrate with Amazon vendor central?

As Amazon Vendor Central don’t have an open API, unfortunately Linnworks is not able to integrate with it.

Can I list to the Amazon catalog?

With Linnworks, you can add a listing for a product that already exists in Amazon’s catalog. Linnworks will upload your stock levels, prices and shipping details to Amazon and associate it to the ASIN that is provided.

Does Linnworks integrate with Amazon Shipping?

Yes, Linnworks is one of only a few solutions that has a direct integration with Amazon Shipping and can provide you with access to Amazon Shipping labels.

4,000+ online sellers use Linnworks

"In fact, we achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

Source BMX

"Linnworks has been an invaluable resource for our customers looking for a simple way to not only connect into but automate sales efforts within leading marketplaces, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them as an OMS partner."

Russell Klein, CCO, BigCommerce

"Linnworks is the market leader in integration and management. They are an important partner for eBay."

Rob Hatrell, CEO, eBay UK

"We've worked with Linnworks for more than eight years, generating £10’s of millions in GTV. By being fully integrated into the Linnworks platform, we can continue to help businesses take full advantage of this growing consumer demand across the globe."

Håkan Thyr, CRO, Fruugo

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