Worten is the Portuguese market leader within the technology entertainment, electronics, consumables and household appliances markets.





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Reasons to adopt

Worten allows you to sell goods into Portugal and/or Spain with minimal logistical effort

No setup costs, no listing fees and 6 months free of charge.

Worten offers a unique omnichannel experience for merchants

This is because your product range will not just be available to online customers but will also be digitally present at stores for customers to select and purchase. Currently, these sales represent 12% of Worten’s total sales.

Expand your reach

Worten has over 5 million customers and an average of 200,000 customers per day visiting.

Linnworks Features

By integrating with Fulfillin’s 3rd party Mirakl app, Linnworks users can connect with over 190 Mirakl marketplaces including Worten to sync inventory and order routing alongside all other selling channels.

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