Shopify POS

Shopify Point of Sale is a powerful tool that allows retailers to conduct transactions from their smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. When using the Shopify POS integration, you can sell from anywhere and be reassured knowing you will always have an accurate count of your inventory and it’s location.





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Reasons to adopt

Sell from anywhere

Integrate with Shopify POS so that no matter where you decide to sell from, you will always have an accurate count of your inventory, where it’s located and how much is available to sell.

Powerful reporting

Reorder inventory and source suppliers more accurately with powerful sales data reports.

Sync inventory

Our Shopify POS integration makes it easy to share inventory data and sync listings to all your favorite online stores and marketplaces.

SkuVault Features

Shopify POS integrates seamlessly to give retailers the power of both on-the-go business and on-the-go inventory management. You can sell when and where you want while knowing that the physical inventory in your warehouse is always consistent with what’s listed as available to sell on your online store.

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